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Posted:Howdy y'all... as they say (or as the cliche would have it) in the US of A.
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Hmmm... this is something I've noticed recently. The language barrier between the US and the UK isnt really that wide, but there are quite a few words/phrases/mannerisms that set us apart and do cause a little confusion.I would like this thread to act as a sort of dictionary for those little quirks that could bring an otherwise perfectly normal conversation to a grinding halt. I will start with a few that are familiar to me, and I would be interested to see what anyone else comes up with. (For info.. I am British through and through, but I was educated in American schools; by Americans for the first nine years of my school life..)So, here goes... and yes, there will be a certain amount of overlap..US - - - UKPants = TrousersJockey/boxer shorts = pants/cak's/skidssidewalk = pavementPet peeves = pet hates
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Football = American footballSoccer = footballTruck = lorryFall = autumndude = bloke/geezerbucks = quid/squid/doshSAT exams = GCSE's, 'A' / 'AS' levelsjello = jellyjelly = jamzuccini? = courgette'thanks' etc = cheers/'ta''cool'/'wicked' etc = 'ace'/pukkerfender = bumperwindshield = windscreenpals/friends etc = matesrubber = condom/jonny/hat/something for the weekend, Sir??eraser = rubberstraightedge = rulerbooger/boogie = bogey/pug/quick snack.. just kidding
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flashers = indicatorsgear lever = gear sticktrunk = boot (of car)hood = bonnetlawyer/attourney = solicitor/barristerpoi = Poi
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Thats all I can think of at the moment, but feel free to add/correct or I can think of PLENTY that are probably a little risquee for this site...
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Posted:All this translation stuff, and no one talks about the important stuffPoi movesI learnt Poi with a lot of club swingers, with the whole Britain and Indian club swinging thing (just found out that my gran swing indian clubs in 1920's in london in a display with 2000 people OMG) back in the olden day, Poi Moves in UK were known by their club swinging name, which is how I learnt them, and being a sentimental old doffer I still cling to.Heres some Cross follow= Abbreviation of Cross and follow = 3 beat weaveExtra loop in cross follow = 5 beat weave(ie you can put the extra loop in anything, so consider it a move on its own) Push Throughs = cat paws = Thread The Needle The punch = reverse TTNWaist wrap = not a wrap at all but a very lovely move Reels and extended reels ???any more CS to Poi translations?Night nightGlass


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