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Posted:im interested in tyring fire fans, id like to branch into other fire arts, but there is no way i could ever afford a pair. anyone make there own, or at least use them? id like some help. confused

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Posted:Our troupe has made some, and the materials are cheap, but you definitely need access to welding equipment to make em..if you can get access to welding equipment I can at least send you our basic plans wink

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Posted:I know what you mean. It took me forever to save up the money for my fire fans, but they have been the absolutely best. There doesn't seem to be a lot of people dancing with me, so whenever they are pulled out everyone goes crazy over them. Good luck in getting a pair.

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Posted:Make 'em yerself,
much cheaper, much more fun, customised design just for you and once you start making equipment for yourself, everything becomes much more satisfying. wink cool

Just imagine how it feels on the first burn with shiny new self-made gear (I made it, me! , no one else, my very own PRECIOUSSS!!!)

PLUS, once people see what you can make they'll start asking you to build stuff for them, and thats when the cash starts coming in beerchug

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Posted:How you can make firefan? what is a best material ..etc.. confused I want to know! ubbangel


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Posted:I made some fire fans out of coathangers and a lighter wire from the hardware store. I used the coathanger as the base and just
unwound it into a straight line. the I attached the other wires-twisting a piece around the base and then around itself until it reached the
length I wanted.(repeating this five times...or how ever many fire heads you want) Then I attached Kevlar by rolling it and then rolling the wire
around it. If Kevlar is to expensive you can always use jean or cotton...but I find the material burns off and it's really really smelly.
And I used some electrical tape at the base just to hold stuff a little more securly in place and so it didn't hurt my hands when I was holding
the fans.

I don't know if this all made sense....but it is possible to make fans out of coathanger wire and some more bendy wire. The kevlar was the
only expense really and it cost me $20 (CAN).

Hope that helps


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