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Posted:well, you know that each art have a special feeling when you listen to specific music, likefighting= drumspoi= trance?break=rapwell... i've been practicing with the staff lately and I wanted to know what is the best music to get in mood while practicing staff peace dudes------------------[- y.a.s.h.i.r.o. -]

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Posted:I love Cafe Del Mar, but that is just me. Not sure if it is even good for staff lol, I just have it playing all the time hehe.

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Posted:I tend to play punkish type music, but that's partially because that's what I always listen to.
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If I listen to slower music, like most trance or the drumming/chanting that goes on at our local fire gatherings, I tend to spin slower and really *dance* more. (When the drums go faster, I go faster.) The more upbeat the music, the more into it I get, and the upbeat pop-punk that i listen to when I spin on my own always gets me in the best mood.I think it's totally personal preference, but it should be something that gets your blood going unless you want to go for the very slow, graceful movements.



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Posted:With Hip Hop being a diverse genre, I use it for every thing... Staff, breakin' (obviously) and just my everyday life... (although that is a little cheesy!!)

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Posted:i like doing staff to classical, funk, jazzz, bob marley(acctually bob is poi music!) old school rock (psycadelic stuff) good heavy(speed?) metal, good hip hop , good yechno(not house) like gabber/harcore/goa/world/jungle!/phytrance, i like spinning to bluegrass, phishlikemusic, frank zappa, crystal bowls didgereedoo, i love hand drums and sitars(Ravi shankar!!!!!) kazoo bands are real cool for fire manipulation shows incorperating clowning techniques. the polka can rule but so canmichael jackson. music is beautiful.


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Posted:I like d&b and Samba!D&B you can move beween fast and slow and Samba is just samba baby, the best party music inna world.Love yan

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Posted:When I'm doing staff I like to listen to faster music. Like some guitar drivin Industrial such as Ministry, Lard, or KMFDM. I think staff looks better when it's moving fast, but then that may just be me. When I'm doing other stuff like chain whip I like slower music like Wumpscut or Juno Reactor because with the flexible toys I have better flow and I get into it more when I move slower. And with chain whip flow is very important and the thing gets really hard to manage when going fast.------------------If you love something, set it on fire.

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