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Posted:Last night I was practicing my moves for about 2 hours and i didnt really over exert myself to the point where im sore but at like 2:00 in the morning i had the biggest craving for chineese food.
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I was just wondering when everyone builds up an appitite after spinning, what are your prefered foods/restraunts?
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Posted:Microwaved is the only way to go! Then you peel the layers of pastry off in strips.

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Posted:Would agree with you there Pere.. Sweet chilli sauce rules..My fav food in yellow king prawn curry with noodles and sring onions... after a good spin nothing better than cooking that up quickly and scoffing it down... mmmmmmmmmm! and of course smothered in sweet chilli sauce!Fantasic comfort food - if you make it hot enough it detracts from the aches and potential bruises that I have just given myself on a practise session![This message has been edited by RedDragon (edited 15 February 2002).]

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Posted:when i went to womad i was spinning 4 a few hours i came back and had the LOVELIEST VEGE NOODLES that i ever tasted! since then thats my fave...[This message has been edited by cutie poi girlie (edited 16 February 2002).]

Luv peace 'n' chicken grease Al X x


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