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Posted:well i was in Juggle art a couple of dayz ago.and i was looking at these glow staffs and pois. they are sweet and look cool to but they are still laking something. when i play with fire staffs/pois i get this thrill that nothing else (and i am not an arsoist there is no thrill in distruction of lifes!). it not the same with glow stick, of any thing else that isn't flammable is it me or is fire addictive? (joke)and does any one else gets this feeling also.i don't know.just wanted to


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Posted:hey i own light pois i use them less then fire but after one payment it doesnt cost you anything except some baterys every once and a while where fire costs you in fuel every thimre you light up but i would have to say fire is better unless its crowded or fire ban (i hate them) or learners can use light or glow stick ones because they hurt but wont scar for life but fire gives the risk and------------------the risk is the rush

the risk is the rush


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