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Posted:This is directed to Josh, though it pertains to everyone here. Don't feel you need to reply, I just wanted everone to know how I feel. This probably isn't necessary, but, well, I take everything very personally. I apologize for the "Urinals" thread. As Josh said, it was not Poi, Staff, or anything else Fire related. The problem is that there is no where else that I can have any sort of social discussion with the people at this site (my fire twirling peers). HoP is the only place I know about that I can talk to them (save e-mail, which is just too difficult with the number of people here). I assumed that since this forum was entitled "Social Discussion", I could bring up fire-unrelated subjects...over the year I've been on HoP, there have been quite a few other ones around the social discussion. In that regard, I do not really think that the thread should have been closed. I do think it was right of you to close the thread, however. It wasn't an appropriate subject, and could have turned some people away from HoP. That is not fair to you guys who have spent much of your time creating and maintaing such a great site. I do understand that. Still, I only wish that there was a place where I could joke with other fire twirlers, no matter how idiotic or childish the threads may be. If I made anyone laugh--good. If I offended anyone--I apologize, I only meant it as a little joke (though I was curious what people's responses would be). Although I do not regret posting it in the first place (I don't regret anything I've ever done), I will take care not to make similar topics in the future. Once again, I feel I should apologize to anyone I may have upset.------------------"Burning--the process of breaking things down into a simpler form." -Hitokage---FireStorm---(jimidawg@snet.net)[This message has been edited by Hitokage (edited 17 January 2002).]

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Posted:I wasn't offended!A while back I had a topic removed from here which is fair enough really - as you say - it's their site. But good of you to apologise. Just to let you know there's an MSN community (in my signature) which has a message board. I'm VERY keen to point out I, in know way, want to take traffic away from this site as it has helped me soooooooooooooooo much, but the community has a more free-for-all air to it (mainly because I can't be arse to moderate it)------------------http://welcome.to/thehugbubble The Mug Shot Gallery MSN Poi Community Words to memerise, words hypnotise, words make my mouth exercise.

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Posted:Does this apology look Vaguely familiar to anyone that has been around as long as i have....let me give you a hint...oh i dont know me maybe?I think i had about three of these "i didnt mean to offend anyone" threads. I have had 3 removed. I think the whole posts should be related to topic guideline was my fault...so dont feel bad, and dont apologize to [josh], hes Aussie he can handle it..
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Posted:While the apology is very nice I also feel inclined to say that threads are closed for various reasons.The Urinal one was not closed because it had nothing to do with poi or twirling, look around, there are a bunch of threads that aren't related in here, which is exactly what the social section is for...socializing. It was closed because we deemed it as inappropriate and possibly offensive. Why it was allowed to continue so long is because the other mods disappeared over the weekend and it was one of those things I wanted their opinion about.Oh well, next time I'll know better!
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Durbs, I don't remember your thread that was shut down. I do know that Super used to go haywire posting jokes!*blowing a kiss to Superman* Let's see, threads have been closed for being a duplicate of another thread. For having information or asking a question readily available elsewhere on the board. There was one I started that Malcolm didn't like so he shut it down. There was another of Flash Fire's that wasn't appreciated so it was shut down. Many reasons to choose from and I wanted to point out, no one is immune (except maybe Malcolm!
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) and it is nothing personal at all.This is a commercial site whose operation costs are dependant on the shop. That ebing said, we want to keep the discussions cleaned up as best as we can. We have had great debates (sometimes heated) but have always maintained a kind-of composure that isn't terribly thwarting to new people. Truthfully, if I came to the site from nowhere and saw that discussion I would think I came to a fetish site about another kind of swinging! *grin*Anyway we welcome your posts and thoughts and all, so long as we don't have to hear about your potty habits!
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Posted:Hitokage,I appreciate your appology, and I'm glad you understand why I reacted as I did.I'm looking forward to your more slightly-family oriented humour / chat posts!
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Cheers,Josh[This message has been edited by [Josh] (edited 17 January 2002).]