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fluffy napalm fairy
fluffy napalm fairy

Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:*struggles to the computer after collapsing in a wretched heap of confusion*Ok, I may just be the most uneven and unco-ordinated person in the world but here's my problem:I pick up moves pretty easily in the direction that feels comfy but can't teach them to my other side (the direction that is least comfortable ie. you actually have to think about what you're doing)I spend quite a bit of time working on my weaker side so that I'm more free and relaxed in general but when doing successive moves and trying to keep the fluidity I either:a)revet automatically to my easy side,or b)tie myself in a huge confused knot with no recollection of which way is easier (they are mysteriously both impossible now)Does anyone else have trouble using both sides equally or will it come in time (or do I just ignore it and do what feels ok?) Do you have to actively teach yourself to do stuff the other way around? or is that just me.............

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The Welcome Matt
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Posted:Absolutely!!My left side is so uncoordinated. It takes me so much more effort to swing my left poi straight. Right now I'm practicing like mad to learn the BTB weave, and I can almost get it on my right side, but my left hand it dumb. My left poi keeps coming around on my right side and smacking me in the chest. I can't get it straight!! HAHAI don't what the solution is, just practice it. I suppose your wrist would play a role in the straightness of the poi.------------------HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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Posted:Yeah Pele, when you gonna start selling those gloves you told me about. The ones where the right hand says:<==== I'm with stupidCuz my left hand is DUMB.
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Location: Upland, CA., USA
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Posted:Whew! I was afraid this was another political thread. I have an opinion a little different from the obvious. Even when actively practicing on the left-hand side, in my experience some right-handed people never get sufficiently ambidextrous. One solution is to go ahead and primarily use your good hand. Try out a fire sword of some kind or other one-handed instrument. Also fans do not require as much coordination as poi.Maximus


the henna lady
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Posted:I'll make you a set NYC, no problems!
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As you heard from NYC, I call it the "I'm with stupid Syndrome" and it will pass with practice and time...that is until you go to learn a new move and then the frustration begins all over!
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Getting past it for me is sheer determination, that is about it.And Maximus, fans actually take a great deal of co-ordination, especially those large enough to look impressive. If all that is done with them is the "Scarlett O'Hara fan yourself and everything else" move, then they don't. But weilding them gracefully and fluidly really does take skill. I am still working on the weave, the outside spokes on mine get caught on one another, but I think that is because my wrists turn too far.
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Anyway...Ros, it is painfully common and not terminal!!
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Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Posted:For all those with the uncoordinated hand problem, there is a solution but it takes time.I have a left hand problem with a lot of the moves. I've found that the key is to keep things slow and focus of making the movements clean and correct. Now repeat 10 million times.
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The idea is to build up engrams. Engrams are the brains roadmaps to everything we know how to do. Such as walking or running etc...Engrams record everything about the muscle tention to body positioning and emotion. I learned about this when I was climbing. Engrams really kick in, in a panic or stressful situation, such as trying to spin your moves faster than your arm is trained to do. The mind throws away what you are doing right and immediately reverts to your engram. So in climbing, pray to god that it's a good one. hahahahahahaaaIf you build shitty engrams you will have a tough time getting that lazy arm to do what you want it to do.If you teach the brain the engram slowly and correctly, someday it will actually learn it and burn it. Pay extremely close attention do detail. Do the moves as clean and correct as you can over and over and over again. If a sequence of moves has you knuckled under, break it down into it's components and teach the muscles the correct way for just the part of it, later tie it in to the sequence and see if it worked. So that when you do need to speed it up it will have the map of the movement all ready stored.-----------------I'm the man with the light bulb head, I turn myself on in the dark.Arc
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