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Forums > Social Chat > Racism towards white twirlers?!!!???

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Location: New York City, U.S.A.
Member Since: 18th Nov 2001
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Posted:Hey wutzup... I'm 17 and from around the NYC, NY, U.S.A. area... and down here around my neighborhood there is a huge population of asians (koreans, chinese, & japanese)... i'm a senior in high school and like half of my school iz asian... whenever i go to clubs or last time i went to a school dance all the asians just stared at me because I was white. Whatever way i twirled wasn't good enough for them... all of them always act like white people can't dance... even when i pulled out my behind the back 360 weaves and the dopest shit that there is... the hardest shit they pull of in COL2 and all... all the azns still looked at me as just a white guy... and as a white guy i have to suk at dancing and all.... what do u guyz think? comments please

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Location: Holiday, FL, USA
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Posted:i would think glowsticks would be outlawed at a school dance?
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Posted:LIKE: do you realy "give a F**K" what they think about you and what you like to do for fun or the way you are! i wouldnt even waste my time thinking about people like that.unless your a nazi skinhead fronting with blood and honour, or the hammerskins or somin then fuck it who cares about them if they cant get along with you, not your problem. At least you tried in some way!PK


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Location: Houston, Texas
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Posted:not to start any shit, but do you act like they should accept you? Because thats the best way to piss someone off."S"

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The Welcome Matt
Location: Manchester NH USA
Member Since: 27th Nov 2001
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Posted:I agree with Superman. You kinda described your situation very one-sided. You basically just said that asian people at this highschool dance thought that white people can't dance or twirl poi. It seems that you put up your defenses too quick. Maybe instead of feeling hostile, they were rather impressed with your 360 BTB thing. I just think that you are assuming way too much and that at a time where you were looking to be the center of attention, and wasn't, that you took it as racism. Your own generalizations are getting you pissed off. I think that this is common, and why people segregate themselves into groups. Its just such a lack of communication.I know when I am spinning, if there is a crowd of people, a lot of them don't really care. It should be for you, not them. There is nothing more fun then twirling with your eyes closed at your own pace and not looking to impress anyone...
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Location: Auckland
Member Since: 27th Jun 2001
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Posted:I think it might pay to step back a little and think about what you have said.EG "all the asians just stared at me because I was white"!!!How do you know every single asian in the place was staring at you because you are white. I'm sure they have all seen white people before.And, can you read their minds? How do you know that every single one of them was staring at you because you are white?And I'm sure there were lots of them who weren't even looking in your direction.Also, that statement is a negative comment about a group of people of the same race, supposing that they all have the same mindset, are thinking the same thing, and also saying that every single one of them is racist against white people...Think about that for second, and think about what the term "racist" means in the first place.IMHO I think you should worry less about what you think they are thinking, and more about how you represent yourself to others, regardless of race.Have you done anything (even if it wasn't your fault) that might make some (NOT ALL) of them think ill of you? Is there a chance you may be known to have had slightly anti-asian views (whether you have them or not), and so are treated with supsicion by them.Calling a whole cultural section of people racists is a very easy way to get into a lot of unnecessary troubleCharles Dolbel (A guy with a strong jewish background, Anglican Minister as a grandfather, non-religous family, engaged to a wonderful Muslim lady.)------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.comhttp://juggling.co.nz

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Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Member Since: 20th Oct 2001
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Posted:Yeah, I suggest that you get over it or do something about it. ie: check out the situation by talking with them. Once you know they really hate you then you can complain but, by the way you describe it, it seems like it's a bit premature to write them off as racists.In this day and society where we're all to demanding and seek instantaneous gratification, it might help to reflect upon the statement that cultural differences exist and that friendship and acceptance take time to develop. Work on it a little longer.nexus_sun"The young do not always do as they're told."


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Posted:It sounds to me like you're at a High School dance.
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Where would high school be without basketball games, cheerleaders, and racial cliques? My point (filtered through my sarcasm) is that I think it's less poi and more life. Proving your glowstick superiority is no way to endear yourself to a clique. If you want to be accepted by them, be friendly. You're not going to impress anyone who doesn't want to be impressed, no matter how many BtB 5 beats you bust out. I'm not gonna get all Mary Poppins on you and pull some "can't we all just get along" crap but I don't think the issue is glowstick related.

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Location: San Diego California
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Posted:Hey bro I spin for me and nobody else. I really dont care what others think of me when I spin.

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