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Location: San Diego, CA, USA

I am curious if there are people out there making a living from spinning, staffs, flags, etc?

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Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

WOW !! Get paid to do something I love [almost] more than sex.. I'd love to. Anyone out there with any vacancies for a spinner; let me know !!
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MalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
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Location: New Zealand

From a previous poll : Do you ever plan to perform Professionally? yes, in the future 25% (87 Votes) Undecided 23.3% (81 Votes) yes, trying to start now 19% (66 Votes) yes, I already do 18.1% (63 Votes) No 14.4% (50 Votes) Total Votes: 347 Depends what you define as "making a living"

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PeleBRONZE Member
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Location: WNY, USA

Yep, and am gaining force by the day!It's not easy.It's much more than popping in music and going nuts. There is a whole business behind it from kissing the butts of fire marshalls, appropriate insurance and agents to taxes to costumes and routine rehearsals.I am lucky. I have three jobs.A few hours a week I work with reptiles (not including belly dancing with a snake).I write articles for emags and fictional stories for publication.I perform, not only fire but act, dance and sing.Trust me, there is nothing better than doing what I love, with people I love (my safeties are my best friends) for people who adore it.Nothing is better than that!------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

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CharlesBRONZE Member
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Location: Auckland, New Zealand

I do a lot of entertainment type performing (juggling, Firestaff, unicycling, balloon sculpting).Not sure if this fits in with the original question as there are other non-fire things involved.Aslo (looks sheepish) I do have a day job, but some months the performing brings in more money than the day job (and a lot less hours!).You know you are entertaining people when you get paid to do it, and people keep asking you back, its a great buzz...
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Location: UK

I'm just started getting into the fire entertaining bizness (firebreathing/Eating/Poi spinning)Its hard coz i've only had 2 short sessions where i've been taught what to do with firebreathing/eating/body burning but i'm not doing too bad.And i ive got my "professional" name sorted with biz cards and website and i am looking for fire ppl to to join me by hiring our services to clubs in the midlands(UK) while learning @ the time!I've done about 5 "proper" gigs now my second time with fire was in front of 800 ppl which i surprisingly wasn't that nervous.I hope that i can make a living from what i love to do (poi and fire)Because to tell u the truth i dont wanna be stuck behind a desk for the next 40yrs till i die that is my worst nightmare.I love to entertain ppl and i hope when i get better and more professional @ what i do i will hopefully make enough money to start up my own fire agency properly and never have to do "boring real" work ever again! - in

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Location: tampa fl usa

Well i wouldnt call it a living but i do enough shows for this to be a self supporting hobby and quite a bit of travling around the state for free.. i just added the concpet of fire my show.. i must say the results are great ... and thnks to the nice people from tampa who met me at the beach to give a sizzling course in firei look forward to the next time everyone gets toghter there....I am lookong for two fire dancers must be over 21 for an upcoming show in south beach it wont pay very muchbut we will get vip treatment at one of the hotest clubs on south beach email me if your in the tampa area and interested i wil give you the deatils

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Location: brighton

Funny you should ask such a question! At the moment our performance group is in the process in getting a contract from a rather large agency.2 nights a week all over the country!also Ibiza contracts too.I have only been swinging for a year .Its not the moves you know it certainly is the people you bump in to.jentheroo ps hello lucy!!!

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Location: SA, TX, USA

well the troupe i hang out with is getting paid for various gigs (we just twirled down in mexico at a party with djIrene and djMea). Mea mentioned getting us to tour with her. I know that it would be great but i don't really have the ability to left my night job take time from my day job at this point (REALLY SUCKS) heheheh but the other guys in the group do so more power to them.i would love to make a living off this... just point me to the signup sheet
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richardSILVER Member
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Location: USA

Hello my name is Rich and I'm new to Tampa. I have spun fire for 2 years but off and on for 10 years. Looking to get better with people here. I had a great teacher. Maybe I can teach someday. Any ways I would like to inquire about going to south beach for a performance. I will practice with you every day and show you what I have. Call or text (210)286-1708 for a proper interview. I enjoy spinning fire. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

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