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why do we all spend so much time in here and not out practicing and why are there unions or what ever against fire twirling and why do some people have such weird names and why am i doing this and why did i write that

the risk is the rush

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I'm too good for practice wink


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Don't ask questions LOL just go with the flow.....and you have to take breaks sometime to figure out where the next practice is going to be held biggrin

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talk about it!
I have to spin while avoiding people who want to go to;
-the kitchen
-the tv
-the living room (coming back from the kitchen)
- the bathroom
-my room
so annoying and I can't get on fire either or the others will complain....
life 's a pain...

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because y is a crooked letter and you cnt make it straight. nah im kidding. what can i say, human being are strange things and no1 has an answer to what they do. (of coarse the whole human thing excludes me)

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its sooooooo cold! and to think that we had a hosepipe ban this time last year =S
my other excuse is that my bo staff broke in half tried spinnin with the bits but the weights aint right =( ahh well, spose this is my excuse to get a fire staff =D woop

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