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Posted:Well, I have had so many issues with my hair, the most recent is the singe factor. I do braided extensions for a living now and I finally put them in my own hair last year(I couldn't very well do extensions without having had it on myself) and they worked beautifully to keep my hair from burning...even when a braid twisted up in my lit poi! If anyone out there is interested in trying this for yourself, remember to make sure the braider is using the right kind of synthetic hair. The package should say 100% Flame Retardant.Also, if you are specifically looking for hair that glows under black lights, the brand I use for that is "Black 'n Gold Braid!" I prefer to use the 'classic texture' comes in many bright colors and most are UV reactive.One word of warning...there are a lot of braid sprays out there that are designed to keep your scalp from itching and keep your braids from looking frizzy...READ THE LABEL first....many brands are flammable.

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Posted:my hair isnt braided....but i have a mowhawk which is normaly up if i am out and about spinning my fire poi...i use DAXWAX the one in the red tub on my hair for 2 reasons....its the only thing that keeps my hair up without redoing it for over a week and secondly cos it wont set my hair on know those butterfly moves get so close to you hair
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at times last thing i wanna do it let my hair go up in flames!pkfire poi for a natural high!
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Posted:or you could wear underwear on your head like me
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