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Location: Elmhurst, Il

I was seeing if any one on this board can throw the devil sticks around-especially with fire. I'm pretty good and would like to swap some tricks with some fellow juggelers. If anyone is from the chicago land area my e-mail is ------------------

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I'd like to, but I'm incredibly cheap, and don't feel like purchasing something, I may not be able to do. Is there any way to make a set of practice devil sticks?-PSM

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SpecialT, sorry this isnt answering ur question, but are devil sticks hard to start? theve intreged me for quite a while and want to give them a shot, i guess i am the same as PSM, and aint to sure if i am able to do it, how hard is it to srat?

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I've picked up devil stix a few times, all in vain. I just don't seem to be able to get it! Last week, at our 1st Sydney meet-up, one of the guys Toby was amazing with the Devil Stix. of all the apparatus he was able to manipulate, including poi, single staff and diablo his form with the DS was just amazing! I'll email him and see if I can't coax him into entering this discussion for you guys...later, flash

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I Just met a Girl in My area who plays with Fire, She got me to Light up ( that sounds Bad ) for the first time 2 weeks ago. She does Poi Staff And Devil Sticks.She is In the "Meet Others" Section As Fairie Fire Ball. Shes Awsome does Kicks and All sorts of Tricks smile Good Luck It's Awsome!

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Hey there, I'm a devilsticker. I've been sticking now for about 10yrs and on fire or fire deviling for around 8 yrs.
In answer to Smitty ds are really difficult to get started but I can give a good recipe. Start with a flower stick not a devil stick(a straight not tapered stick with weights on the ends to slow its velocity). Now make sure you really, really want to devil stick and don't put the sticks down for about 3 days. You should now be ready to try a tapered devilstick.
The best way to get a cheap beginner stick or flowerstick is to make 1. Take a peice of dow about 5/8" in diamater and 1mtr in length. Now take an inner tube from a bycicle (preferably pre punctured), split the inner tube so it can be laid out flat, Then wrap your stick using electrical or gaffa tape for the ends. Now you need to weight the ends. For this i'm still experimenting. Some of the different things ive used are - just wrapping more rubber at both ends so they're evenly weighted,-two tennis balls punctured with the stick inserted into both balls then wrapping the ball in various different materials(fluro fur looks good)-wrapping the ends in leather looks good and is durable.
For your handsticks i just get dow that is half the thickness of the main stick and wrap that in inner tube rubber also. I've also seen Yoho of the yoho diabolo registered trademark fame have recently released poi and spinstix which if you aren't feeling creative in the crafty sense you spend your money on worse things. They even come with a pretty impressive and concise instructional cd rom.

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