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Posted:iz any 1 going 2 the mighty slammin 2morra night? i dont no weather 2 take my poi beacauce wen im dancing in either 3 of the huge wearhouses or on the rides at the free funfair wat am i 2 do with them he he he. No onley jokin of course i am takin my poi, just woundering if any1 other spinners were goin. this event iz unmissable after all!

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Posted:In case any one was curious as to what our young friend uban_culture was rabbiting on about go here: http://www.slamminvinyl.co.uk/
The site is a little difficult to navigate round, the music takes some getting used to and the pictures of the staff don't make me want to go there.... ever. Be warned.~Oh, and it doesn't actually say anywhere the actual location of the club is....clever piece of marketing that
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