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Posted:Well as the suject may suggest i have got my student loan..... and as a typical sensible student i am going to purchase a Brand new Digi Video Camera. So could anyone that has serious offers of knollege, (other than snotgobbler) could they please tell me which one of the many thousands i should buy.

The main use of the cammera would be taking film of poi!! fire poi, so the best cammera for that sorta job would be good... i have a 700 pound bugget, but would be happier spending 500!!! so help me please...... dizzy had a fantastic cammera, so what was it answers on a postcard please.... lol ubbtickled

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My mate had a great little Cannon digi camcorder, much simpler to use than the sonys and cheaper. cost about 500 pounds. have cheap stuff:

mini dv is great quality - if you've got lots of cash then get 1 that does DVCam quality - higher quality compression, broadcast quality.

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