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Posted:I was with pozee and wink a while back and decided to pick up a staff, not very good at all. I went out skateboarding today and the ollie bar I use is a 5ft piece of pvc pipe, anyway, I picked it up and started playing. It was FUN!!! I like it. I think I'm going to pick up staff now. My brother is getting me a set of ball chain fire poi and maybe a set of beaming poi, I think I should hit my mom up for a staff. We'll see what happens.Eric

Its about talent, not make up or costumes.

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Posted:Yes, as I recall British television was quite, um.... colorful to say the least. It's too bad that no matter where I was in the UK I could only find four or five channels at any one time. I hear that Amsterdam has some novel television, as well.And let me just say that your concern for mine and Neph's well being and longevity is touching, to say the least
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If I do end up killing myself, Cantus, it's most likely going to be a result of some of the more dangerous toys I've been playing with of late. I almost decapitated myself with a chain whip last night. Thankfully it wasn't on fire other wise I might be in the hospital right now recieving skin grafts. If you are dead set on ending some lives I recommend that you do it in LA. I have an ex-girlfriend living out there who can stand to be done away with
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Not only would you be doing the world a great service, but your so called "balance" would be maintained.
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------------------If you love something, set it on fire.

Jesus helps me trick people.


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