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Posted:Hi, Practicing this whole internet stuff. Its quite tiring. wondering if anyone else is awake and as attracted to the bright flashy lights on the computor as me? Im really near a forest and fancy doing some tree climbing, maybe its best to wait til first light before attempting athletic outbursts. Wish i had some poi with me. ive only just realised they're at home, so it must be a good night! Might have to find some socks and balls. But there are two very over enthusiastic dogs here who will probably attach themselves to the poi and not release on pain of death. Im really rambling aren't I? ubbloco

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Posted:i'm awake, but it's only 8:30 sat evening here. but i do fancy the pretty lights of my computer. actually i don't like the lights, but i'm addicted to the F5 button, seeing if there are any new posts ubblol

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