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Human meat?

The other meat thread got me thinkin... Am I the only one who would eat human meat if given the chance? Am I a bad person or crazy for not finding this thought sickening?

Ill even make it easier. The human died of natural causes and before dying consented to being cooked and eaten. You dont know and never met the person. The meat has been cooked and seasoned and smells good. You are hungry and the nearest McDonalds is 20 miles away. Do you eat it?

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under those conditions, no.

But I would eat human meat if I was stranded like in the movie "Alive". Personally, I don't know why they waited 9 days to start eating the dead people.

Man, if we were stranded I would eat each and every last one of you.

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Man, if we were stranded I would eat each and every last one of you.

Nuh-uh! Not me, 'cause I'm too... er... Young/stringy/tough/purple...

Wait... purple??

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Maybe like vanize said, in a situation like in the film "Alive". But I would imagine if I was in such a situation (hadn't eaten in 9 days, no certainty as to when or if you'd be rescued) you'd be pretty dellusional, so there's no saying for certain what you would do.

Then on the other hand, look at "mad cow's disease". Didn't that start from cattle being fed parts of other cattle? We could have a situation like in the film "28 days later" on our hands...... eek

On that note, no, I don't think I would......

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We could have a situation like in the film "28 days later" on our hands......

it was said that the human died of natural causes... so we'd assume it wasn't infected with rage during the process.

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