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I've asked a few times already, ANYONE know about these???? Sounds very interesting, would like to hear from someone who has played with them...
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We had one when I was a kid... its just like a flimsy hollow tube that whistles when you spin it.. sounds kind of eerie, but we never did anything besides spin them around and hit each other with it, so I wouldn't know how to actually *use* them

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we use them occasionally. mostly for kids workshops tho cause its difficult to get enough variation to make them interesting.

spin them like clubs tho, noones got round to putting handles, wiehgts to make hem more poi like tho.


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I've played with them lots in the past... we used to perform with Sarah Hopkins, (the musician who produces them...) When we were performing with her, we would cheat a bit and cover the ends of the ones that were actually being twirled and a couple of other performers would play the music with them using simpler patterns so they could completely control the pitch...

They are definitely heaps of fun for something different & kids do *love* them - we always take a bag of them out for festival workshops... and you can get some yummy kind of strobing illusion under certain types of lighting... and it's delicious twirling in the middle of a kind of musical vortex .:*:. can use them heaps like poi, some moves are a bit different and others impossible but you can work around that for the fun of having the sound...

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