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  Posted: i am not that keen on the dance scene but Poi does look good along to music. does any of you guys spin along to rock music eg, rage against the machine, the red hot chili peppers, etc.

im thinking that it may be posible to rage against the machine but im not sure about doing it along to quite alot of other bands like the chili peppers.

im just wondering if any of you have experimented with doing it? ubbrollsmile

cya l8r

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Spinning around...
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  Posted:The best rock/metal band for to spin to is Metallica. Their songs are very dynamic. It's really fun to spin along.
Like SpinnerofDetroit I'm also a fan of metal and I started to search for more pop music. And unfortunately - I like it! smile But I prefer the older popular music.


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  Posted:thanks to staff/poi I'm starting to like some hip hop, but not the gangsta stuff just fort minor and the linkin park/ jay-z mash ups don't need more hip hop than that tongue2

and just general pagan music and rock works great aswell tongue2

Ouch o.O


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  Posted:i find rock can be very good when trying to release anger but genrally i preffer to spin to collide. my favorite song by them is halo but it really hard to keep up with because of the rapid changes in tempo.



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