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Member Since: 25th Oct 2001
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Posted:The question is----How many "friends" have you made since you started doing poi? Since I've been doing it I made lots of new "friends". I got to know the neighbors and my friends wanted me to meet their friends cause I'm "cool" now.WTF!!! All you seem to know is how I swing glowsticks and fire... and you want to be my "friend".Notice "friends" in quotations---I don't think I need to explain what it means I'm sure you know what it means!Well it's always cool to have poople back you up on something you like.

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Posted:"Friends" mmm... I remember them. Those are those guys I used to hang out with before I started doing poi right?...
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Member Since: 25th Oct 2001
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Posted:Thank you NYC.

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Posted:can you really always tell who is your friend and who is your "friend" ?

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Posted:is "friend" different than Friend?pere


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Posted:"friend" is the one who will arbitratily throw your name out because they think what you do is cool but really makes very little effort to get to know you. It is the popular by association theory. Or they think you might bestow this magic upon them so when they wake in the morning they will be cool too.I think we all probably have a few of these. I know I do.Friend is the one you vent to when the "friend" pisses you off. Actually, I do know who my Friends are Cassandra. They have been here for me for a very long time and will continue to do so. These aren't people from high school that I hung out with because I was comfortable with them, despite that we have nothing in common. My friends are people I share my life with, everything about it. I am so blessed to have such an amazing group of friends. These are the people I can lose touch with for months and then pick up where we left off, no hard feelings, no issues. They laugh with me and not at me, help me when I fall down and let me mix the drinks when I am celebrating! They are the ones I cry to, bitch to, jump up and down in joy with, and they are the ones who really light up my life. ------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...http://www.pyromorph.com

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Posted:3Lucky for me i was able to get my real freinds into it, so i still hang with the same people.

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Posted:I have met so many people since i started playing with Poi. Some of them have become friends and others are just people i have met. I love meeting people so i think it's great.

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Posted:i have made like 6 new friends since i poi... they all cool dudes =)

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