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Posted:Whilst perusing (great word, poor spelling) these boards, I've noticed that the majority of peoples musical taste is towards trancey dance, drum n bass, tribal kind of staff. Whilst I always spin to this music it's nothing like what I regularly listen to and I was just curious if anyone else here is in to more sort of rock-y, live stuff? Or if my music is a bit sort of outsider-ish for the stwirling scene. My favourite bands are Placebo,Smashing Pumpkins, Ben Folds Five and No Doubt. Worryingly 2 of those have split up...I know it's an all-embracing art form and all are welcome but I was just curious.Oh, and here I blush, what does PLUR stand for?Peace, Love, Unity & Respect is my guess...------------------ Words to memerise, words hypnotise, words make my mouth exercise.

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Posted:Major rock fan here. Its what I love, incubus, tool, chilli peppers an all that. even like a bit of punk and reggae, Also a big fan of sublime too. I do like some dance music mainly drum and bass, but I'm a guitar nut cant beat that distorted heavy sound !!
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Posted:Hrm, music. First and foremost: Sublime (Except for that song about the pawn shop. Grrr...) Also, in no particular order: Beck, Bjork, Moby, RHCP, Bob Marley, some NOFX, Green Day, and TOOL.That's about it for popular music, but I like a lot of classical music and jazz: Chopin, Debussy, Classical/Spanish Guitar, Carmina Burana, Requiem masses, chanting, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, Chico O'Farrill, Thelonius Monk.Yeah. Ok. I don't really get into the whole techno thing, but, you know, as long as you enjoy something and it doesn't harm others, I'm cool with that. Mow.-Wren

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Posted:try spinning to flight of the bumblebee. it's either really cool or really lame depending on how good you are...




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Posted:Nah, try spinning to some good old fashioned PUNK ROCK. I drop in some Dead Kennedies or some AFI when I want to work on my speed.(Not to say bollocks to classical, love it to death, just has to find me in the right mood)

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