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Posted:Weeeeeee!! *giggles* Id like to say hello before I fall in to my question. Sooo Hello *waves*
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I have JUST started spinning Poi. I think I might be sneaking up an a whole month of practice now. So far I've got the basic moves down and I kick ass at smacking myself in the head.... Anyhoooo, I decided to video tape myself spinning so I can see how I look doing this. Before I saw this tape I was like hey I think this is pretty good, weee, dizzy ... after watching the tape, I feel I need to speed up what Im doing It looks kinda, well, slow.... and that brings me in to my question.. Is speed important in spinning? I know Im new to this, and speeding up right now will probably make me look like I've been in a fight... but how important is the super fast ninja look? and second ... did that make any sense?Im quite happy I have found this place
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Its helping me out quite a bit and so far I have enjoyed reading this board... Im looking in to purchasing the video tapes soon, Id really like to see all the other moves people are talking about.....------------------

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Posted:Neph,Reflecting on what Mr. Charles has said here,I seem to remember that creepy G-string guy going over the stage with a mop after you and Indigo spent half an hour going over it with towels. I don't think either of you noticed, but maybe you and Indie were slipping from the soap, and not the pariffin.I'm shure Indiglo's gomperstomper boots didn't help either.(*meau*)

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Posted:Tell you what Cantus, if you're ever down Surrey way (which I warn you isn't as exciting as people make out)you can have a go on my friends trampoline. It's a full size wonder and he has kick arse parties there so you get jump around in a various altered states... And he digs Poi & staff (cos he can't do them) although I'm not sure if you can combine the two. (trampoline + poi) Actually I think there's a thread on this...Infact if you ever come down to Surrey I'll give you a tour of Guildford. Takes about 2 minutes...------------------ Words to memerise, words hypnotise, words make my mouth exercise.

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