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Posted:OK, I remember someone mentioning "turning off" poi in a water bucket and having to wait afterwards befor reigniting them. How safe is all of this and how long do I have to wait? I'm doing a theater production with poi and we need to be able to "turn off" and ignite poi quickly when they are needed for the scene...I did a search but didn't find anything, so I'd love some help!!
thank you!

oh! and this is my first real proper on the boards thread-start Ever!! woohoo! =)

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Posted:Safety is relative here, the steam is hot when you do this, so I wouldn't advise putting your face over the bucket. And one thing I have seen that I always found interesting, oil and water don't mix, right? So you take a set of really fueled up poi that you haven't burned all the fuel from and dunk it, making a lovely coating of fuel on top of the water. Depending on the flashpoint of the fuel, that can be fun when trying to redunk. Rare, but it can happen.
Also, don't expect to put out your poi in water, dunk in fuel and go right back to spinning. You have to either let them dry fully or you have to ring them out and then resoak and hope, since the burn is severely diluted at that point.

In truth, I never ever advise people to put their tools out this way. It makes the wicks crunchier faster and if they are damp makes for a crappy burn imho.

Just smother them out with a fire blanket or damp towel. Instant result and still able to use 2 seconds later.


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Posted:A drop box would serve your purpose as well, sometimes these are easier to use if your poi is still full of fuel..You do need to remember to wait a few minutes until the poi runs out of oxygen in the container(thus the need for the air tight box). Occasionally the fuel can seep into the towel and ignite if the poi isn't completely out when your safety pulls the towel away from the poi. Not that wet towels don't work well, but I've had it happen a few times to safeties of mine when extinguishing poi that had alot of fuel on them still. Just a thought

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we need to be able to "turn off" and ignite poi quickly when they are needed for the scene

How many times will you need to burn the poi? If it's only a few times, it would be much safer for all concerned (I know what th ewings and backstages of theatres can be like on th enight) if you simply had a set of poi for each burn you need and a small gas (butane) lighter.

Trying to put lit fire poi out backstage/in-the-wings could have all sorts of unforseen circumstances, so get somehting like the gas lighter than is small, easily controlled and has enough heat to light the poi ASAP when needed.

THEN, I'd recommend a large tin or drop box with a close fitting lid to drop the poi into afterwards, seal the lid so they extinguish and then take them outside before opening the tin/drop box. Be aware it may be hot as well and do as many rehearsels as you can.

Play safe ... especially with all the stagey people around...

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Posted:(extinguish! thats the word i was looking for..."turning off"...pff..)

well first off: thank you for the help!
the problem is that it's Lysistrata so the "women" actually dump water/shoot waterguns at the "men" and their this maybe a bad idea?! (i know i said dunk into a bucket...that's 'cause im not very intelligent and tend to forget the question long before i reach the question mark..)

and what about this drop box? what can i use for that? don't have too many airtight tin buckets around my house...

and i'm worried about the backstage myself..the people at the theater said no problem but i'll have to take a look before anyway...

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