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i notice everyone always says to twirl to misic, more often that not drumbs. does anyone know a cd that plays this type of music? a cd from most music stored?

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sounds good. Does everyone like that, doing fire in the middle of a circle of drummers. I love it.peace outgarbo tongue

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While I do like spinning to different types of Trance and Techno Type Music, sometimes I like to hear Music that was made by people and actual instruments.Recently I found a great long tune to spin to. The Butterfield Blues Band has an album called East-West and the last track on the album is about 12 Mins long with 3 Very awesome build ups to mad solos in the middle. After each of the Solos the song slows down again to let you slow back to hypnotize speed or switch tools, or just spray some more fuel on to your wicks with a squirt bottle. Actually that might help whoever was looking for a way to spin longer, make sure your using something like kerosene that doesnt ingnite very easily with a squirt attachment, put the poi down and fill em back up, you dont even need to let them go outCheers,


sometimes I like to hear Music that was made by people and actual instruments.
good thing this wasnt posted to one of the electronic music boards im on
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Try spinning to DJ Icey "essential mix" a word..."epic"Dank

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Also check out DJ Baby Anne (Miami Bass Queen). She tours with AK1200 and Bad Boy Bill alot. Basically sticks to the southeastern US though.

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TRANCE!!!!!!!!! thats all i got to say. my friend got this cd that has Ian Van Dahl and Derude and Alice DeeJay and Sarena Paris, holy shit it is the best cd to spin to ever, i got them all into poi and now they cant stop, we were twirling till like 4 in the morning in the middle of the street, it was bad ass

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First up, gotta gotta gotta agree about Planet Drum. BTW, Planet Drum is run by Mickey Hart who used to drum for the Grateful Dead, and some of their stuff is sold as 'Mickey Hart', some as 'Planet Drum'. As well as the original Planet Drum disk, check out 'At The Edge' and 'Supralingua'.Generally, anything that's mostly drums scores very highly, Kodo, Amampondo, a few others. On the organic/techno borders, I'm very fond of Transglobal Underground, Natacha Atlas (who used to sing with TGU), Dr Didj.House/Techno-wise there's nothing that quite compares with the Oakenfold Goa Mix, well worth the years it took to actually find a CD to replace my worn-out tape. I get a lot of mileage out of Astralasia, Baka Beyond, Banco de Gaia. Had a very nice non-fire twirl to Radiohead at their gig last week. Surprised me how well it worked, really.One of the horrors of new-found professional status is I suspect the time may have come where we owe it to ourselves to get used to twirling to Backstreet Boys and maybe even Britney.... well, all cash is good cash I suppose!mikeyB

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My favourite music to twirl to is goa trance(psychadelic trance)...i use UV poi and glo sticks depending on my mood at different times of the night(at clubs)...both look equally amazing(ull find that u will always have room to twirl at clubs cos everyone will just dance around you as if u were the music...(sounds odd but true)and probably cos theres 2 illuminous balls/glo stiks swinging round making pretty shapes...*smiles*...i love to dance and in my view this music is probably the most active of most areas of music...i feel my best way to express myself is with twirling...some clubs though dont allow twirling which i choose not to go to those anymore....hehehe....boycott those horrible clubs...hehe...anyways...its like i imagine the way the music moves and dance how it would dance...(does that make sence???)...a few djs that i advise trying twriling to...infected dark raver...chi-ad...and name but a few...anyways i think ive rambled on *smiles n huggles* matt xxx

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Rammstein is pretty cool to twirl to...[This message has been edited by uromi (edited 18 July 2001).]

You need something that's going to nail you straight away. I would recommend Aphrodite. Nice, funky Jungle/Drum & Bass. His self-titled album contains the Jungle tune from the film "Human Traffic". Perfect for twirling.

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