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Posted:Just curious as to whether anyone can suggest ways to strengthen the weaker wrist. I just started spinning not too long ago, and I can learn things with my right hand rather easily (at least so far) but I am having major trouble with my left. I'm wondering if anybody can suggest ways to strengthen the weaker wrist when not spinning... I'm thinking along the lines of writing with the weaker hand, etc. I'm not able to spin all the time, but I really like it. Anything to help me get better faster sounds good to me. Thanks in advance.

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Posted:light wieghts work.. just bend at the wrist and dont use your arm.------------------May the fire of God burn its impression on your heart.

May the fire of God burn its impression on your heart.


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Posted:stretching them well helps too, take a look at martial art sites for good exercises as well
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Posted:i am sorry, this is such a bad joke, but i just have to say itspank... the... monkeyonce again i apologise for my vulgar and lewd comment, i just couldn't help itnow seriously. are you having problems with the strength of your left had or your coordination. coordination i can understand fully, but the strength would be new to me. i would suggest some hand eye coordination games. spinning your wrists the same way really fast then switching it, then making them go opposite. just some tests to really confuse your mind into doing what you want it to do.

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Posted:Take up playing drum-kit! I've been playing for 9 years and my hands are almost perfectly equal. Hmmmm - that doesn't sound very convincing.Errrr one handed press-ups?

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Posted:I am with Vik ! I don't know of all other martial arts, but I can tell you that all excercises we have in aikido are good for strong and souple wrists. I do that while in the metro back home etc... real good excercise.I think you can find it on some aikido websites. Or if you know some aikidoka, ask them to show youIkkyoNikkyoSankkyoKote Gaeshiand pozee... what happened to you, sweetie ?
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Posted:Ummm, just keep spinning?? I have trouble getting my left to do what I want it to sometimes, but I find that it is more motor skills and flexibility that I am lacking, not strength. Most of the moves are about timing rather than strength, or at least should be if you are doing it right. I think it is like a lot of other things I all comes back to technique....------------------fe fi foo fun

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Girl From Mars
Girl From Mars

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Posted:yea if you are a righty then your left will always be dumb. at least in my experience. it's not a strength issue, it just takes practice to get the left to get its act together. when you learn new moves and you find the left is slacking, put the right poi down and just practice the left over and over and over again till you are to the point you can stop thinking about it and not mess up. then try again with the right also. you will strengthen your wrist and arm just by twirling so keep working at it. good luck.------------------the music feeds my soul that glows and grows with every spin i take.

the music feeds my soul that glows and grows with every spin i take.


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