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Posted:has any body got any advise about what u do when in these sircumstanses? wish to Poi, have no Poi, can't make or buy poi!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!------------------Kymic, Keep smiling :)

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Posted:mmmmm mmmmm! I can almost taste the sooty goodness. I would have just stuck with getting two large salmon (preferably dead) and hold them by the tails. Best to wear chain-mail gloves to get a good grip. Then, just spin them. The oily scales would make a wicked rainbow effect.

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Posted:Be careful of bystanders. Ahhhhh, the fish slapping dance...R."That is an ex-parrot"[This message has been edited by Rozi (edited 20 March 2002).]

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Posted:to make Poi that spin themselves, you could have 2 coconuts on 2 strings. The coconuts would spin by virtue to having birds pullin' them along. To do butterfly tricks, you could have an African Swallow fly forwards and a European swallow fly backwards.I tried doing the butterfly.. with butterflies, but it's so hard to clean the walls up afterward...

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Posted:That's cos your butterflies were too heavy. Try smaller ones til you get used to the weight. Then progress to larger ones....

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Posted:good idea...use butterflies to dothe bf combos and variations...then you could do moves like the bf 5 beat weave, and the bf windmill, and the bf...errr...then for your grand finale you could have like 20 butterflies on each string and you could do an over the head bf and probably take off and fly fly away!!!!p.l.u.r.r.XtremBTW~~please do not try this unless you are very experienced with butterflies, they have a very bad temper, ifyou dont know them well, and they could get mad at you andstop

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