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KatincaSee my vest.... see my vest...
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Location: Adelaide - South Australia

Hey all,Last week I was wondering around town, and I noticed how many shops sell clothing that has bad patterns on the material and made out of polyester or other flammable fabrics.For quite sometime now I have been making my own clothes, and assorted costumes to wear to outdoor parties. However after looking in fabric shops such as Lincraft and Spotlight, I have failed to find any material that has funky patterns on it...and is flame resistant. I have come across quite a few materials that have pretty patterns on them, but they all seem to be made out of flammable fabrics.So.... I was wondering if anyone knew of any on line Wholesalers of funky threads that are fire poof? Or even funky patterned material that is fire proof?Thanks
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cutie poi girliemember
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Location: porthtowan, truro, cornwall

i could do with some too, i'm getting some fire chains soon and have no idea wot 2 wear when spinning...any advice?... CPG

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Location: Gloucester

You can buy treatment for garments that makes them fire-retardant.Just spray it on your chosen garment and let it dry then 'roberts your mothers brother' and you have a garment with funky patterns on.Magicians and professional jugglers use this all the time. Its stinks, may leave marks on your clothes (if not applied properly) but is worth it in the long run.Gruff.P.S. Dont use it on nylon/shell suits - you know it aint gonna work!!
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Rick aka LokiBRONZE Member
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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Two words: Tie-dye.That's right. Get your super-funky, ultra-hip tie-dyed clothes right in your own home! 100% cotton! Guaranteed: Will never shrink or burst into flames or WE'RE NOT RESPONSIBLE!Hotcha!
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Location: Queensland, Australia

Tye dye for sure.. then whip out the funky lil' tubes of paint you get at the craft store and go nuts. I wonder what colours work best with flames? i usually wear black coz of the stain factor of kevlar.

vik... dreaming with 2 stars **

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Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia

You can also get fabric crayons. You just use these on regular paper (not special iron on transfer paper) then iron your designs onto the material. We used to do these when we were kids - great fun. Easy for little pictures, designs may be a little more difficult.Lincraft/Spotlight should have these special crayons.Alternatively - full body wax (no singeing body hairs) and body paint - you can have whatever design you want.
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um... depends what ya want to make, but ive been lookin for funky cotton prints to make apron tops with, and heres my suggestion:specialist patchwork shops. the material is EXPENSIVE ($25 p/metre), but dependin on what you wanna make it aint too bad (i get a top for$12), the patterns are funkmaster (the non-floral ones, that is) and its all cotton.hope thats of some help...

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