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Posted:Congratulations to the following...

1st Boys in tha hood
2nd Fire Sisters
3rd Nix?

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I demand a recount!!!


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Posted:Im a bit surprised to i thought Poi's in the hood was funny but ubbtickled.

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Posted:The masses have spoken.

Though i thought nix would have been second, he produced some wicked renegade poi.

though the fire sisters well done girls, good effort you deserved a place.

Nick well done mate, i think i have said and praised you enough to make me look like a stalker lol

well done to all the winners and every one that entered and to malcolm for producing the best ever circle of light compilation video.

heres looking for march 2004... i must start learning new stuff.

again congrats to all winners.


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heres looking for march 2005...
again congrats to all winners.

What about 2004? confused

Congrats to everybody for contributing to the COL4 vid beerchug

Maybe someday I will be able to send in a vid smile

Thank you Malcolm for creating such a lovely site and community for us spinners to congregate and share ideas hug

weavesmiley ubblove

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eek eek eek
ubbtickled ubbtickled ubbtickled
biggrin ubbloco hug

And a bunch of other smileys to boot!

Was it the environmental responsibility plug? Was it the brilliant acticing performances? Or the great shot of Rob's butt?

Whatever it was, Rob and I are thrilled biggrin ubbloco

Anybody want to join me in Goa to celebrate?



(and wasn't it "pois in the hood?" not "boys in the hood?")

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Posted:heh, my picks won! well almost all my picks.


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Posted:Me personally thinx it was da sweet moves n excellent camera werk, congrats guys, u deserved it!!!

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I'm still in shock eek and very, very thrilled!!! ubbtickled

Congratulations to Nick & Rob and Nix. You guys are awesome. Nick, been wanting to tell you that i enjoyed your book. well done. Hope you come visit us in Toronto again. (Love to go to Goa, but think I'm headed back to Guatemala tongue).

Now for the thank yous. I have to thank my incredible fire sister, Lindsay. (Thanks for not killing me beerchug) I'll see ya tomorrow. Can't wait to show ya my new toys! wave

Thanks to Kan'Nal and my wonderful brother for the great fire dancing music. weavesmiley

Thanks to my darling cousin Ian, who directed, shot and listened patiently to my six million different ideas for the videos. (This video was my best birthday present ever, cuzzy!). He is available for hire, so if you need a director/camera guy e-mail Ian Mah. ubbidea

Thanks to Doug Reeves, who saved our video, by getting lamp oil at midnight (stupid white gas didn't last long enough. I should know that by now!) and bringing us coffee and assisting until 3am on a worknight. ubbrollsmile

And I would especially like to thank the academy.... Oops, I mean Malcolm, for this competition that challenged us to do more and for this fantastic web site where I met my wonderful fire sister and soooo many talented teachers. biggrin

I'm glad I didn't have to vote. There were sooo many talented spinners.

Peace, peace
linda, the shorter fire sister kiss


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Posted:hmmmmm good on ya shiny peeps

Nix? you are a sexy beast so i am not surprised you won the heart of the public wink Your style certainly blows me away !!!

Fire sisters you cuties as i told you in private i love your energy and your smiles and i send out hugs to you and raise a glass to your honor. Keep shining hope we can dance together soon smile

congrats to nick and Rob... Nick, I do think it IS rob s buttocks wink i personnaly flew out to vancouver only a few weeks ago only to check out rob's butt in a sunny park on Commercial drive ... sadly nick's butt was nowhere to be seen as he had gone far away (out of fear i suppose :P ) . ANYWAY ... I am really happy for you guys beerchug

To all those who did not win or even may think they are not worthy of being on this or that video or something like taht ...... Remember these are votes of some of the peeps who bought the videos and taht is all they reflect. Mind you I am in no way disrespecting the winners just reminding us all how big earth is and how much inspiration there is all over on videos but also off camera as well smile

with so much love and respect

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Posted:Hey, why no COL4 DVD's?

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Posted:exuberant thank yous and humblest bows to all my brothers and sisters of the flame.

definately high compliments considering some of the other videos on the tape and echo cass' point that this is more a reflection of the people who happened to buy the video and voted in the allowed time than anything else. there are many who I feel nick and I share the podium with.. but unfortuneately not all can have an ass so sweet as mine. wink

thanks again to everyone who entered the compilation. so much inspiration on one media is priceless.

totally stoked and honoured,


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Posted:heya folks!

Im really stoked. Thanks everyone and huge props to everyone who entered. I cant say I supprised by the results, Nic is awsome and the firesisters routeen was really well done, well shot and with beutifull music but im very gratefull to thoes who voted for me, esspecially as this means I can do fire for the next one!

take care peeps, See you next year!

T wave

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Posted:hug congradulations!

Mad, style-in and naughty sex appeal... thats what wins the day ubblol

good job beerchug

pois in da hood... smooth style

sistas.... so sexy

nix?.... mad moves

ubblove you all

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Posted:Congrats to everyone that won!

Also congrats for those that made it on the vid in the first place!

hug hug wave wave

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Posted:hey linda, when you say Kan'nal, do you mean the same Kan'nal that are our bestsest buddies, Kurt and the gang? eek wow that's cool! do you know those guys? Kurt's sister Zarah is in my dance troupe! they did music for our fire shows for years! small world, huh? Congrats BTW!

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Posted:Arashi yep, it's the same Kan'Nal. smileMy darling brother plays guitar. And yes, it's a small world and an even smaller poi world!!! I've had the pleasure of hanging with Kurt and the guys in Guatemala, Mexico and up here in Toronto. Unfortunately, I've never managed to visit them in the states. ubbcrying Although it looks like I'm coming down for their show in Boulder on Feb 29th. Can't wait!!! I miss them all. ubblove Do you ever get up to Boulder? ubbrollsmile

I've never met Zarah, although I would love too. Maybe one day.... It is kinda neat, two of the guys in the band have fire dancing sisters and the bass player's girlfriend, Teresita, is a great spinner too. weavesmiley Of course, it's awesome fire dancing music, as I'm sure you know. Are you in Austin? Do you know Felicia too? Gosh, I'd love to check out the Austin fire scene one of these days! wave


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Posted:do you mean this felicia? felicia from texas

if so, then yes. if not, then, i might, but there's a sea of faces of freinds with no names... rolleyes so perhaps...

well, as for CO, i like to go wherever i can! i'm a gypsy! let's keep in touch and chat next time we cross paths!( now i'll have to get this COL vid to check out what you guys are doing.)(zarah had a great time doing the new year's eve show with teresita... she told me about it and it sounds fuuuuuun!)

-Such a price the gods exact for song: to become what we sing
-Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty.
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