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Posted:Hey all,

Have you ever wondered just how long you can stay in an airport?

Well after getting off our plane, and having our next flight 24 hours later. Josh and I decided we might as well try and see just how long we can be entertained in a airport.

Its now, 20hours with only 4 hours till our plane leaves and we haven't been bored for a second.

Free internet, X-box, Cinema..... not _so_ expensive food (talking airport here so it has to be somewhat expensive)

We have been quite impressed....haven't even picked up Poi for a spin yet!! eek

SO if you are ever stuck in transit for 24hours in Singapore it's very easy to kill that time....

Hmm I wonder just how long we could stay here ubbloco

Love and Light

~*~ Katinca ~*~

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Posted:hehe...yeah teh changi is like a crazyass hotel or summin...
u know it even has a gym and a swimmin pool!....not to meniton the endless dutyfree shops



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Posted:Is that the one with the Orchard Garden and Ko Carp pond in it? I was there for a long stop over a few months back. Of course then it was the height of SARS and there was the added fun of people being in masks. Of course I wasn't and every now and again I'd cough just to see how fast people would run away ubblol




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Posted:i used to do that while waiting for the tube smile much amuzment to while away the time and a great way to get some personal space ubblol biggrin

she who sees from up high smiles

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fluffy napalm fairy

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we gotta make a few visits there in a few months.........sounds like and adventure playground. Anything's gotta beat Delhi.........

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Cool, sounds a hell of a lot better than heathrow, the only airport I've spent loads of time in.
I'll be going through Singapore in early February, I was going to take a supply of balloons to while away the time but it doesn't look like I'll have to biggrin

But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.


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Posted:You should take them anyway dude..

Everyone should be given a porn star!! biggrin


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