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Thanks to Pele's thread about her sons project I had loads of memories come flooding back from when I read the Flat Stanley book, so I thought I'd see what other lovely memories fellow HOPers have of their childhood.....nothing to heavy folks....keep it feely nicey!!

to start the ball rolling......

Biking up a massive hill when I was 8 and now it seems tiny but still very steep!!
Playing footie with my mates every day come rain shine or even the dreaded nighttime!
TV - Wak-a-Day
Film - Breakfast Club
Friendship Bracelets
Marmalade Sarnies
And Hugs off my Mom ubblove



Let's relight this forum ubblove

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Oh and of course Blue Pop and white dog poo eek


Let's relight this forum ubblove

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the only thing you ever needed to know as a chil was who owned teh blue peter dog then you can date ur child hood, its like tree rings!

i remeber running down a steep hill one day while rolling eggs on easter morning, and my legs not being able to quite keeps up, and the rest of me rolling down the hill not running! oh happy days, when i could just stand up and be ok, now its all old age!

Step (el-nombrie)

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kiddie memories biggrin great thread.

i remember my four dogs (3 beagles and a bullmastiff).
playing pooh sticks with my dad on a green, iron bridge in a park in the middle of north london.
permanent knee injuries from playing (and falling on concrete).
remote controls with wires.
wearing my coat by the hood and running against the wind.
the ultimate thrill of playing knockdown ginger on your own doorstep with neighbours who 'know who your parents are!'.
cb radio (at home and in my dad's series two land rover).

tv: willo the wisp
film: blues brothers
food: penny sweets and proper crisps that only cost 18p a bag.

turns out my memory is better than i give it credit for smile

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childhood memories.........ok let me think for a sec

here we go: riding my bike with my mates through a park in moscow. Damn i even remember my communist kindergarden teacher....

damn propaganda

then i remmember a long train ride to Austria. Learning German by watching way too much TV. listening to very bad music. Does anybody remember 2 unlimited? they had intelectual lyrics like:

"no no nonono nonono no no theres no limit....."


ahh i get all sentimental now thinking about Moscow and Vienna, Ive been to england only since September

Dosvedanja, Auf Wiedersehen and good bye

smile smile smile ubbloco

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Willow the wisp - genius!!

Button moon
Finger mouse


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ooh ooh ooh ...... Bagpuss!! ubblove

Non-Https Image Link

Bagpuss, dear Bagpuss
Old fat furry cat-puss
Wake up and look at this thing that I bring
Wake up, be bright
Be golden and light
Bagpuss, Oh hear what I sing

Let's relight this forum ubblove

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ooo lovely!!

umm spending every weekend waking up at 7am to go and spend the whole day at teh beach,

thinking 8 pm was soooo late

racing to get home when the street lights came on

eggy bread

riding around our housing complex play army

then being totally girlie and being at the pool and being Ariel the little mermaid!


strawberry shortcake

rainbow bright

victoria plum

being jealous of my best mate cos she had the my little pony ranch house!

being in the car with my sis and singing tina turners steamy windows at the top of our lungs, only for my dad to tell us to "shut up, this isnt a bloody disco you know!!"

Tang - for all those out there its a poder to make up juice - full of E number and colourings almost as bad as Kool aid

dropping waterbombs from the roof of my house onto the guy that came to spray for insects ubbangel

the older guys on the school bus forcing us to listen to guns n roses!! cool

oh and yes i remember 2 unlimited!! my sis played it repeatedly for 3 months!!!

my cool ass bike that was a wanna be chopper! with handle streamers!! and a snoopy flag and those things you put on your bike wheels that came out a cereal packet

god theres just soooooooooo many!! biggrin

she who sees from up high smiles

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man! i forgot school discos!!!

oh and the prom..and my serious crime against fashion dress and shoes (they were white pearlesent need i say more eek)
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she who sees from up high smiles

Patrick badger king: *they better hope there's never a jihad on stupidity*

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Running faster than a motor bike.

Cycling toward the sun for ages when it was setting cause I was sure I'd be able to see it better cause I thought it was so beautifull (I got in trouble when I eventually got home cause I wasn't allowed play outside after dark) Parents spank

My dog killing my cat and how upset I was.
Climbing trees.
Climbing on the roof of my house.
My little sister ubbcrying how she get so big?

I'll leave it there.

Thanks for the groovy thread biggrin

I live in a world of infinite possibilities.

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The goodies
Dr Who
Horses Horses Horses

Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

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I remember, Play group with my friend Alexis, coming home and watching Seasme Street,
Winning a race and winning a 2p sweet i was delighted biggrin
Staying in hospital on "Mrs Tiddlewink's" ward and the girl in the bed next to me having a bubble saxaphone

TV - noddy and postman pat
film - Peter pan
music - my sister listening to "Let loose"


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I love this thread...
ummm strawberry shortcake dolls, riding a bike that was too big for me and dad putting wooden blocks on the pedals so that I could reach them.
having special fairy picnics in the garden with my nana. LOLLIES like.... moon rocks, and sherbert, and clinkers, and getting a whole pie bag full of lollies for 50 cents...
making secret forts in the freshly cut grass (that the mower used to leave all over the ground)
making daisy chains for my mum...
me and my brother hiding in the hallway and opening the door just a little bit so that we could see the telly when we were meant to be in bed.
movies: the dark crystal, neverending story
t.v transformers, rainbow bright, jem and the holograms
songs... lol!!! Funky town (wont you take me to...a funky town!!) blame it on the rain by MILLI VANILLI ahahaha *falls off chair laughing*

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I remember the smell of my grandmother's house,
the taste of clover honey right off the spoon,
being chased by my great grandad's geese,
my stepdad grabbing my by the overall straps just as I slid by over a cliff (obviously, he saved me wink),
my first plane ride and all the free soda I wanted,
getting to hold my baby sister for the first time,
five hours of saturday morning cartoons followed by American Bandstand.

tv: Captain Kangaroo and Wild Kingdom biggrin
movies: Sound of Music (my first trip to the drive-in) eek
cartoons: Bugs Bunny!! ubbloco
music: Peter, Paul and Mary (Puff the Magic Dragon - still makes me tear up) ubbcrying

Yeah, I know I'm old peace


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Finding a lost racing pigeon in the garden, when staying at my grandmothers house. (very swallows and amazons)

The muppets. Hiding behind the sofa when watching Dr Who or Scooby Doo.

The first time I tried cherry coke, accompanied by chinese take-away (a big adventure).

being totally unable to climb trees (oh, wait, that still happens)

Rolling down the hills at Old Mill Primary School (lets see if anyone else went there wink ). Running through the back ways to school because we slammed the car door and broke it when mum was giving us a lift.

Snow. Mum turning up to pick me, my sister and a friend of hers up from school with a sled, and dragging us all the way home. I didn't find out until I was grown up that it was because the neighbour who was supposed to be picking us up only picked up her kids in the car. Mum didn't want us walking cos there had been some kind of weather warning.

Being so short I had to stand on something to post letters in the big red post box outside the post office.

Visiting my aunt and uncle in Stoke-on-Trent, they lived by a canal and had a dog called Rosie.

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

What this calls for is a special mix of psychology and extreme violence...

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a vivid memory i have is of staring into the centre of a flower, at all the lovely shades of yellow,orange and brown and this delicious sensation.... ubblove.....eating ugali with my kenyan nanny,jane,rolling down a hill ,playing dare on the roads in nairobi,like lying on the road,waiting for cars,till we got scared...eating butter out the fridge till i puked....aahhh,those were the days...

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what a kewl thread to start!!!

i remember...
* living on a farm in nsw til i was 6 - when we moved to qld (scary at that age!!)
* this evil cat that lived on the farm (never knew if it was a pet my folks got or if it came with the farm!) it scratched my dog's eye!! and used to catch and disembowel rats and then leave them in my dad's boots for him to find at 3am when he got up to work on the farm
* my teacher giving me an early mark on my very last day at that school (which was the day before we moved to qld) - this was the last time i would see these kids for about 7 years!!!!!
* my dad trying to plait my hair as if he was making a rope (my mum was visiting her folks in sydney)
* calling my little brother 'a bugger' and getting in SOOOO much trouble! i was about 4
* care bears, my little pony, cabbage patch kids (even tho i had a fake one), barbie with straight arms and smaller boobs,
* punky brewster, teenage mutant ninja turtles, mulligrubs (wierd...evil), sesame street, playschool, the muppets, a country practice (the first time it was on), and home & away (watched it from day one! how...sad! ubbloco )

ahh so many memories! biggrin


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Wow! punky brewster!!! i so wanted a bedroom like hers!!

she who sees from up high smiles

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I remember the days when penny sweets actually costed 1p!!

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! those were the days! smile

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Watching my Grandad in his carpenter shed working,
Going to the beach in winter, 9pm with a thunder storm in the background and going in for a dip, stupid parents and uncles, shouldn't have let it happen my cousin had a cold for weeks!
Learning to skim stones
Christmas' at my grans, LOVE EM
Running across the playgroud pretending I could fly
Kiss chase, what a game
TV? the first power rangers, and always, something like, watching tv with mother?
Toy? Sylvanian families and my comforter

Great thread!

Monkeys monkeys and bananas

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one christmas when I woke up at six in the morning and opened all my preasents before I woke up my parents (they got kinda angry)

my dog jumping on me everytime I got out of the car

wondering what alchol tasted like (I wish I still wondered and hadnt found out)


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hmmmmm childhood memorys..................

i remember the 16hour flight out to papua new ginuea, walking round the local market place in port morsby and hating to have to wear shoes (still prefer bare feet) petting a wild deer drinking from a swimming pool (still have the photo).
the neon lights in hong kong and being sooo scared when we landed there ( there was high rise flats either side of the run way and i thought we would hit one).

i remember being taken on thunder moutain roller coaster in disney world at a really young age and swearing bloody murder when i got off.

when i finally did start school in this country we had to watch watership down and i cry'd.

i also remember the first time i watched nightmare on elm street (was 9 or 10yrs old) i couldn't sleep for a week!!!

i got loads more memorys but too many to list without sounding like a big head

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oh my god child hood
u know what untill i read some of these i had actually mentally blocked a lot of mine out so jus some things stick out such as

rainbow on tv and button moon, muppets babies, t bag, grot bag
films like labriynth, never ending story, escape to witch mountain, disney films like dumbo and alice in wonderland
my best friend louise who sadly didnt make it past age 8,
going to summer play scheme
rolling down hills
cut grass and making shapes with it
bonfires on the patch of grass outside my house
my grandad and how he always had time for me
my nans house still love it there

i have no memories from age 12 to about 16 tho

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o jej, ale bym ci wylizal ten pepek

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I remeber cut grass... at school when they cut the grass it was as good as it snowing, we had grass fights and made grass dens and grass dolls out of sticks and grass and one year it got


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i remember getting bitten by a turkey on a primary school trip to a farm.
I remember going outside in the dark to play and thinking how brave i was for about ten minutes then getting scared.
Coming home from school to the smell of my mum baking cakes and cookies.
Whenever Magic Roundabout was on my mum used to make me a cup of hot chocolate, still whenever i hear the theme tune i want hot chocolate!
My mum reading me and my brother The Moomins at bedtime.
My dad leaving and moving half way around the world.
My stepdad making me and my brother a treehouse while we ate hotdogs in the garden in summertime.
Going for a ride on my stepdads harley when i was 6 cool
My nanny teaching me to juggle while a parrot sat on my shoulder.
Going to see my nanny and her boyfriend's puppet show.
Going to the circus for the first time and feeling sick after so much candyfloss.

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i remember getting pecked by a chicken when i was like 3 or something....i hated chickens ever since, i also remember my uncle taking me to a pig farm and nearly passing out cos of the smell haha

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eurgh thats another memory we lived jus down from a farm with sheep and cows in fields bout 15 minute walk but when it was summer and the breeze was coming from that way it smelt bad

thats why in a way i like london as there is no animal smells lol

enticed, entrapped, entombed.
intoxicated, impaled, ingested.
bewitched, beaten, broken.
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I remember:

My sisters and I playing "superman", running around the house with blankets tied to our necks.
The classic - my sisters getting drunk at age 3 & 4 (they thought the wine was water). They slept the whole day, after repeatingly falling all over the place
Sitting on the beach building sand castles and talking to the locals
Visiting Zimbabwe and seeing how beautiful that country really was (before being destroyed by Mugabe)
My grandad & how he always used to hug me and say "God bless" before I went to bed.
My mom carrying me to the table every morning for breakfast (I miss that!)

T.V: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Film: The Goonies
Food: Chinese Bow ties covered in syrup (everyone munched them)


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i can relate to you on the zimbabwe thing Lost83spy. mind you i was 15 at the time, my mums still in contact with people out there and the country is in a poo state even now.

also i can remembe clothes pegging a playing card to my push bike and riding around making loads of noise. i also remember "spokey dokeys"

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i remeber getting bitten by a swan when i was feeding it

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I remember my going round my Aunts house and watching cartoons with my cousins when I was about 8.

The ice cream van always used to come round the estate and we would all run out and buy one of those screw ball ice creams, with the bubble gum at the bottom. Was the best thing ever, I was only alowed to eat gum at my aunts as my Mum used to gag when she saw it and so I was never allowed to eat it in the house.

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