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malcom how about suppling a straps, string and swilves with a clip product, for the glow stick kids.

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itsgottab,Check out our parts section or ttheseI think most people would make their own with shoelaces or strings. Anyway hope that helps
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Like this fellow:
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Itsgottab 244 posts
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i was thinking something a little more specific, more desireable, more tangeable,market research, let get this thing humming.i think it'll be a winner. thats just me.p.s. think of the possiblities

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I'm hoping you just missed Malcolm's post. I'd hate to think you don't like his products. Those chains/clips look pretty good, IMO.I snagged this description for it:
1 x Pair of Ball Chain Cords c/w Clips and Handles A high quality Ball Chain cord. Complete with your choice of nylon double loop or single loop handles.Clasp on end of ball chain is suitable for eyebolt, cathedral and tube core fire poi heads and also suitable for glowsticks. To order measure total length of ball chain cord needed including handle. Note: Poi head or glowstick will add an extra 6 to 7 inches (150-175mm) to overall length of completed poi set.
I'm sorry to be the one sounding crass to itsgottab, it's not my intent. I'm just very confused by his replies lately. I think Malcolm's product is very specific and tangible. As for desirable, well, you were asking for one. So wouldn't that mean you're desiring one? And seeing as how this is a board filled with people that spin things, the market research is clearly done.
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