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Posted:I know I havent posted on here in a LONG time but I recently finished making a video that captures the best glowstringers in San Antonio Texas. We are very poi oriented in our glowstringing so I thought that I may share this video with the HOP community because this site helped me out a long time ago when I began stringing.

Well,This vid was filmed a while back during the summer but I finally finished editing everything. I think it came out really nice, and I think it was well worth the wait. I wanna thank all my stringers friends and all who have inspired me to string, this vid is for yall

The song is Planet Funk - Chase the Sun

Enjoy....I hope this video sparks new ideas..

Tekno Turltles - Compilation 8/2003 San Antonio, Texas

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Posted:ok, it's a dead link and you now I really wanna see that video...




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Posted:thank me 4 what cool


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