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Dio 729 posts
Location: OK, USA

Here's our next great hit...

The footage is from mine and Dan's latest event we spun at, and features some awesome staff and Poi from Dan, as well as Dio more familiar now with the "Achey Breakey Staff" that recently got Christened in our video threads Hope everyone enjoys it, and look out for the special guest star at the very end!

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Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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yay gimme summa that Billy Ray Cyrus goodness! - what's a luau and why does it have so many vowels?

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MillenniuMPLATINUM Member
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Luau is a Hawaiian term, it's basically a party with food, entertainment and music. Hula dancing is usually included, and fire arts are often times included.

MikeIconGOLD Member
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You probably heard of it before, Bender. Just arent used to seeing it spelled. Its pronounced "loo-ow"

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