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Posted:Hey we have this college talent night nexy tuesday and i'm scheduled to burn. I'm really excited as i have been spinning for about 6 months and this is my first 'real' performance. but i have some questions. I have been practing for a hour or two the past few nights, and if i pull all my moves i'ts not very long (i don't think). i also don't know what the crowd likes, it seems the weave really fast is a crowd pleaser.
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and lastly how do you introduce yourselves? do you talk to the audience at all or just walk out with poi ablaze? i'm excited but kinda nervous, i think i'm thinking abou tit way too much. and help would be appreciated. Thanks Jon I"la paix, aimer, Unite et Ropport"

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Posted:Try a search on "First performance" it brings up a few previous topics.Have a good safety team so you can relax more. Listen to the music and the flame. Move around and explore the stage whilst swinging. Try leaning back and going down onto a knee, swing high and low, fast and slow. I think alot of people only see the fire and do not realise the skill involved. Keep to the tricks you can do easily, smile and try to look around the audience and get eye contact with a few people. Wink at the pretty ones
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Being nervous is normal.If you are nervous about speaking just don't speak. No need to speak really. Just light up and let the flame and music talk for you.I guarantee you will be on a high at the end
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Posted:move that body baby...



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Posted:Hey spin those sticks!relax and get into the drumming!try to vary the music and your rythm, whatever you do they will probably love it!remember the safety side!Enjoy!------------------Share your skills so others may grow

Share your skills so others may grow


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