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Posted:Hello all~I am interested in learning the history behind poi/fire twirling, such as where it originated, the different styles, how long it's been around, etc. Does anyone know of any good websites, books, or resources that can help?Thanks all~John M.

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Posted:Er yeah. There's a really good site for all your poi and fire twirling queries, quandries, fears, facts, worries, wonderings and stuff.It's called Home Of Poi.You can find it at It's definitely the best site on the net.And if you ever grow out of poi and want to try a real man's hobby then it has an excellent set on staff lessons too.If you do a search (in the search facility) or look in the glossary, or just wander around the site aimlessly. You're bound to find what you're looking for.------------------C@ntus

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