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heres a petition thats being signed by 28338 ppl (at this present moment) from around the world.

its a petition for Bush to say no to the war.

if you are behind the no war way of life- go to this site and sign ya name!

make that number of signatures bigger!!

and hopefully Bush will stop and think about makin world peace

(yes i know its hard to make peace with ppl who have nukes... but... i dunno... im only 17- i dont have the answers. if i did- i'd be president. hehe)

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It is as simple as creeping up to your enemy with two bic lighters, sticking them up his nostrils, pressing the gas switches and thereby gassing him to death!!! Mwah ha ha ha ha

Fiendishly simple and yet devilishly clever, thankyou Mr Ondaatje.

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

What this calls for is a special mix of psychology and extreme violence...

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Hey Jim would you like to expound on your response.Are you saying violent crime didn't exist before the invention of the firearm?No one commit suicide until firearms were created?You can't kill a person or animal with a knife or a sword or a bow and arrow?

Normally I tend to agree with the left but not on this subject.I've been raised around guns and have an extreme respect for the power that you wield with one.I know a lot of people who feel the same way.Guns are another thing that are being given a bad image by propaganda.Everyone writes about the times things go wrong but never talk about when a responsible gun carrying citizen saves the day.I know the ratio of bad vs. good is startling but it proves that guns are not the problem.

If you're going to respond then we should probably start a new thread.

By the way I'm not attacking you if that's the way it seems.I just want your point of view.

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in a perfect world there would be no wars and no crime i so wish that people could just talk about stuff and come to a compromise and reslove their differences starting a war never solves anything it jus makes less human beings on our earth and sadly theirs always victims theres always a mother to the soldier killed and other family which is gonna end up with bitterness so its a vicious circle but its a vicious cirle thas just gonna keep goin round i wish i could click my fingers and end it all so yeah i say no to war big time!

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Any chance we could get this moved?


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