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Posted:I know this probably sounds like a lame reason for posting, but I have recently done my first EVER poi burn!! It went really really well but i was just wondering if anyone could give me any tips on cleaning the damn things!!
I'd really appreciate any help!

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once you use them, theyll always be sooty and leave marks. i wasnt aware you could clean them.

i wrap mine up in cotton then plastic so they dont smear black stuff everywhere.

does that help?

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Posted:In cleaning your body up exfoliating gloves are good to get soot off hands. Cheapo from supermarkets.

We scrubbed a friends poi prior to her flying out and its made the kevlar start to unravel so dont try that. Seen one chap store his staff in a plastic tube with screw ends that kept all clean and my poi are in a tin with a lid that doubles as a container to soak the wicks in.

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Posted:cheers guys! thanks for the help!

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Posted:cleaning fire poi? no such luck

you can get the black off the metal parts pretty easy with a dry dishcloth, but the heads will stay filthy! i got a little tupperware style tub to drop mine into and keep the chains seperate - just minimising the mess really.

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Posted:u can get the soot off your body really easily by rubbing some butter on it and then simply washing it off *works a treat*. As for clothes i don't really know how to get them totally clean again, and most of my old and daggies are sooty now, s if neone knows a cheap trick to clean them that would be super


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Posted:I take my handles off my poi then drop the head & chain (both sooty) into a ziplock bag then drop THAT bag into ANOTHER ziplock bag and poof all clean :-) I do it with both poi and keep them in my "poi bag" along with my LED and Pratice heads / chains!

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Posted:You get some fuels that burn a lot cleaner than others, but the flames tend to be a bit pathetic.

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by dj_goose:
u can get the soot off your body really easily by rubbing some butter on it and then simply washing it off *works a treat*.Thats sounds a little too kinky

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