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Posted:Hi folks,

I've been spinning for a couple of months now, and have a number of moves down. I'm hankering to move onto fire, but I'm also wondering how big my tricks needs to be before it would be worthwhile. I can't really get a good feel if my current routine is really repetitive and boring -- I mean, I know what moves I'm doing, and I know when I'm just doing a few simple moves over and over, but it's hard to tell if a non-spinner who was watching me would be impressed by this. What's the consensus amongst the community on this issue?

For the record, these are the tricks that I can effectively link together:

-forward/backwards weave, linked, with turns, and with fountain
-shoulder reels/hip reels, split, linked and with turns
-windmill, corkscrew
-butterfly, angel wings

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Posted:First things first - do not do fire to impress others. Do it because you want to and because you feel like you are ready for it. If you feel confident and prepared and have an experienced spotter there to sort out any problems (someone you know is not afraid of fire, knows poi intimately, and that you trust), then light your wicks and do it for the experience. It doesn't matter what moves you do or don't have, you aren't going to be bored the first time you light up! Just don't do it till you truely feel like you are ready for it.

Good luck!
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Posted:Very true... I like fire very, very much but not because it's impressive... It's because of the feeling, of the sound and stuff... I personally like to spin with a smaller audience of people who actually know poi... Feedback helps but it shouldn't be the main goal...

Smile.. It confuses people..:)

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Posted:First of all, you sound like you are trying to perform. If you have never lit up before, you are not ready to put on a real performance.
And when first lighting up you want to be sure your safe, which means doing the moves you can do in your sleep, so to me it sounds like you are perfectly ready to try fire poi with those moves.

And to echo the sentiments of the others, do it for yourself, because then you won't be disappointed.

PS. You learned from the poi spinning book by Michal didn't you?

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Posted:It's not like I'm trying to put on a show here. But the reason I started to learn poi in the first place is, I wanted to get back into some sort of performance art. I find the act of spinning to be physically highly satisfying, but more and more that's becoming not enough motivation. I do enjoy simply being out there, with the tennis balls. But an entirely different element within me, the performer, wants to show off what I've learned, and I'd like to legitimize it with fire. I can't really see any reason to make the move <i>except</i> to make it visually cooler. So there's these two separate threads running through my mind, and they're both kind of essential to the hobby, or else I'd be doing something else. I mean the reason I'm not acting anymore is because I stopped enjoying it, personally. So I need to feed both. And the "just do it for the feeling" element has been getting attention for several months, whereas the performer element is beginning to desire some action. That's just being able to dance for some friends every now and then -- I have no desire to like, be in front of a crowd, or anything absurd like that at this stage. I'm willing to bet that a lot of people on here have similar justifications.

But it's not like I want fire so I can immediately light up and strut my stuff. I want to get to that level eventually, though, and having access to fire in the first place is the first step. I feel I'm ready to begin that transition. But even if I do get my fire stuff together and I begin to get a feel for it, I still want to know when would be a good point to actually put it into action. Because either way I'm going to keep on learning new moves, but I'd like to know when I can finally bring in this second thread that's been nagging at me more and more lately.

Anyway, yeah, I am learning from the book. It's fabulous!



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Posted:Light up already.

You want to. And that is the most important reason.

As long as you have a safety person there to put you out if all goes wrong ... you know more than enough. I lit up after only two weeks and MANY fewer moves than you ... and it was wonderful.

Simply wonderful and terrifying and loud and thrilling.

You probably won't actually do all that you know in your first burn so don't make a performance out of it per se. The fire really does make you nervous and therefore sloppy until you get used to it. Treat it as an experiment. Burn three of four times that night and then you will be much more comfortable the next time.

Cheers! My first burn was about 3 weeks ago so feel free to PM if you would like to chat.



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Posted:Why don't you just do the complicated moves unlit and the easy ones that you know really well lit. I mean the first time you light up you could just spin one round a bit and get a feel for it. Kinda play it by ear.

Good luck n keep safe!



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Posted:and remeber to twirl like no-one's watchin

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Posted:I have a friend who only does about 5 moves, but she is such a showman that she can stop traffic. Work on how well you put them together and you'll have a great show.

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Posted:Hell do it already! All I could do was SPLIT TIME and I lit mine up the first night I got them! you need to be comfortable with lit poi before you go out in public and use them for an audience. This is not only for weight but thwaking yourself with them flaming! As bad as it sounds you need to know what to do and not to freak out to badly when a fire poi breezes past your crotch, or thwaks you in the shin... not only to STOP if your on fire, but to keep spinning them instead of just dropping them and possibly lighting yourself on MORE fire! Same is true of LED poi, it's scarry weilding those balls of death but you need to loose the fear (by praticing with them) before you go to a club or your a THOUSAND times more likely to mess up! Just my thoughts at least! Be safe and enjoy!

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Posted:with that list, easily. doing it with fire isnt about the moves, its taking care of yourself and being safe.

good luck, and take care.

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Posted:I only knew how to do the butterfly and the figure 8 when I first lit up.

But then I was with a large group of fire twirlers and we were taking all the precautions which I do recommend that you also be aware of.

That first light up was magnificent too I might add...hearing the roar of the flames as they whisk past the ears.




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Posted:I'm the polar opposite I think. I lit up my first time knowing 3 moves and not how to link them together. But I'd been around spinning for so many years with friends that the sound of fire and feeling of it's movement wasn't as much a concern to me as it sounds to you.

And the other thing is that I have a tendency to spin when I've had a few drinks or other tasty things. That's the mentality I learned in, I'm most comfortable in, and my best work happens in. In a sobrietous state, my mind is overthinking what I'm supposed to do and I know how to do.


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