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Posted:hey everyone, hows it goin'? I was just wondering what would be some good basic ideas for a costume that wouldnt be TOO distracting. I want something attractive, safe but not soooooo gorgeous that it fraws the eyes away from the performance...
Im sick of wearing black all the time!!!
...oh, and what about eye makeup? I have some [retty wicked designs with it, but I waant to know other peoples opinions!
Thank you muchly!

man, it makes you wanna shoot them in the face and beat them with baseball bats, doesnt it?

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Posted:erm, i wear skate jeans cuz the are big and billowy (only below the knee tho) and kinda glo unda UV but not too much, and also white wristbands so they glo as well.
baiscally i keep it large so that i dont overheat, but i usually end up topless anyhow.

oh and empty your pockets, for some reason i always hit stuff in my pockets.

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Posted:Face paint is a perfect idea.

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Posted:I use a boiler suit: you could invest in one and made your own modifications

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