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Posted:Hey Hey,
I've been putting all my albums onto my PC recently using Audio Catalyst.
However just recently (Well, actually not that recently but anyhooooo) the albums have all been ripped with ID3 tags and good quality playback etc, but none of the tracks have a length.
This is flippin' annoying as:
a) you can't skip to middle bits of the song
b) you can't pause them sometimes - it's either stop or play
c) burning to CD is impossible - Burning programs see the tracks as having 0.00 length
d) It never used to do it...

Does anyone have any ideas how to add/amend a track length? I've looked at a few ID3 tag editors but the length isn't part of the tag.
Alternatively - which option might I have turned off/on to make it stop calculating track lengths?

Any help much appreciated

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Posted:i cheated. i used musicmatch jukebox, which does all that junk for me

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Posted:Don't know for sure, but my Windows Media Player has an option to automatically repair or fill in missing ID3 tag info. Maybe it does length too?


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Posted:ID3 tags do not record track length, that is gathered by the codec of your player. either your codec or your ripped mp3z are messed. most likely the latter. either way, the simplest solution is yes to go the musicmatch package cos it's sweet and makes life *MUCH* easier for personal music backup.


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