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.Morph.SILVER Member
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What is the best way of cleaning up small scratches & scuffs off of acrylic?

I've seen the contact ball polish, & also read that motorcycle polish does the trick. Any ideas on the cheapest & best way to do it?

Evildman 46 posts
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The best way to clean acrylic is with a cleaner or polish designed specifically for acrylic. They do make compounds specifically designed to remove scrathes from most acrylic surfaces. Most plastic shops in your local area should have it for sale. If your not able to find it you could try the following from Infinite Illusions,

As a side note, whatever you do, do not use any amonia based cleaners such as glass/window cleaner. These will cause your acrylic to fog up over time, and cannot be undone, at least not without resurfacing the entire item.

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ivan.. 165 posts
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CharlesBRONZE Member
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Evildman - Is that for actually filling in the scuffs and scratches like Firemorph was akign about or is it just for general cleanliness?

I'm guessing, if that product doesn't work, your local glass repair company (ie cracked windscreens) may be ablwe to shed some light on the subject. Pun intended

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TyrGOLD Member
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Hello fellow acrylic scratchers.
You won't believe me on this one cos I didn't believe it myself till I tried it on a ball I though was chuck material.
Braso - crappy suff you can by at the supermaket for pollishing your silverware. It has tiny filliments of metal in it that buff you contact up to looking new in a couple of minutes - will get out medium to large scratchs - just takes forever.
I only found this out recently cos a teacher of mine said he used it to pollish watch crystals.
Anyway share to luv.

P.s. Useing a light lubricant when doing multiple balls can massivly reduce scratchs - but makes them slippery, worth doing every now and again though.
Cheers and have fun.

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Evildman 46 posts
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The acrylic cleaner I referred to from Inifinite illusions contains a light polish just for shining up your acrylic, as well as compounds designed to fill small to medium scrathes and then buff them out. It does a great job on anything that is caused by normal use.

As for the Brasso, I do not recommend using this, as it does have the same chance as window cleaner of causing your acrylic to go cloudy over time.

This is a case where the right method is just about as cheap as the home fixes, and IMO a bit safer with the pretty acrylic things your playing with.

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.Morph.SILVER Member
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Thanks for the ideas, I'm off to chemist corner to experiment

j3ckylSILVER Member
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I know this is a really old thread but I discovered something that is simpler and more effective than all of the above for light scratches and scuffs. To get rid of or at least reduce them try this: Take a pad or ball of cotton wool and apply something like hand lotion or washing up liquid to it, add a tiny amount of salt and polish in a circular motion 'til the ball is good as new, can take a little elbow grease but it works a charm and doesn't cloud the ball. Doesn't get much cheaper than that. smile

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I disagree... I'm a metals polisher and thus works in the same way with plastics.

Silicon based polishing paste is what you need together with a angle grinder or desktop fixed grinder with a "sisal disc" (morbid type) mounted you can polish out any scratches and make your contact balls like new, any discolouration is due to wrong technique, polishing works with a cut and colour process, if the sisal is going anti clockwise when you look at it in front of you then moving it to the left will cut and to the right will colour... cut basically leaves it discoloured, which is why probably the wrong choice in house hold products leave them discoloured as the correct polishing technique was not applied.

Always pay attention to all safety information and take precautionary measures when using any power tools and always wear safety and other protective clothing etc.


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