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Posted:Two problems. My BTB butterfly usually catches on the downswing and I can only get a BTB weave for a rotation or two before whacking myself in the head. Any advice. I'm using comet poi which, to me, seem to make things a bit more difficult, but any help at all is appreciated. Thanks!

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Posted:1 hand at a time. Both directions btb. Tilt or swing your body is a major issue imo, with and against the swing of the poi (just so when u learn other btb moves u will already be half way there.) Wrist work, you know you only need to swing your arms to get momentum, then its all in the wrist.

Just spin there, btb, till u cant hold the poi in that position any more, then tomorrow do that again. Eventually you should build endurence, enough to do btb for awhile.

Ohh.. and plane control just comes with time, every mistake, stop and adjust the angles so they fit the "plane" u are using. That way you train your body to stick with the basic planes. If you keep doing bad planes, your body will continue to follow what it already knows.

Remember "tilt that body, and swing your hips."

Oh yea, take the tails off as they can often tangle and slow your rotation tooo much.

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Posted:Actually, I was just working on that before I signed on.

I find heavier, longer poi much easier to learn BTB stuff with. It gives you more time and string to cheat with.

I still can't do BTB with short strings.

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Posted:if in reverse, bend your knees, try not to slouch though, plus you get a better feel for the hand positions.
if forwards, lean forwards everso slightly. hands feel all WRONG doing forwards.

do all the above, you will stop banging you body in places.
its all about movement, you poi hit some where, move that part of your body out of the way.


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