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RicheeBRONZE Member
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I want to travel over France,but I've no
experience.If you could give me any advice or
your own experience it will be very helpfull.
Hitchhiking,railway..bus service,lodging,cheep
places to stay for night,prices,nice villages
and cities...
whatever what can help me...

thanks a lot Richard

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dj_goose 157 posts
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When i was living in England i went to France for 6 hours on a booze cruise, it was great and cheap beer by the bag load. The only thing i can tell u is to try the chocolate crossiants they are awesome!!!!

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Pink...?BRONZE Member
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When and where are you going?

I'll be down at my dad's - Tarn early July (9th-ish to the 18th)

Also you have to pop into Andorra for a day! The cheapest county i've ever been to!


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