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sea gypsyBRONZE Member
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Location: Cornwall, United Kingdom

I'm only a Poi beginner, but I'm alright.
I was recently told all Poi moves look the same.
I want a defence,
is there any move I'd be able to master that would look different to what I do already?

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SpannerBRONZE Member
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I think whoever told you all poi moves look the same was wrong you will develop your own unique way of spinning like everyone else, no two of us are the same...

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maybe who ever told you this is upset cause they can not figure out how to do what most spinner's do?!?!?!?!?!?!?! pay no mind to them and you will find your groove, i myself are still looking for mine have fun!!!!!!!!!

CharlesBRONZE Member
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Don't sweat it, Sea Gypsy. That person was saying much more about themsleves than they were about poi.

Don't let them put their limited perspective on you, they aren't worth it!

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sea gypsyBRONZE Member
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Location: Cornwall, United Kingdom

Thanks for all the encouragement.
I confess that it is someone who's opinion I care about deeply. I know there is a world of moves beyond the ones on the Poi pages, is there something easy I could try?

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ZoltarBRONZE Member
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It all just looks like circles of light to non-spinners.

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DurbsBRONZE Member
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I disagree Zoltar, if you spin fast the whole time then the intricicies (sp?) of some moves are lost but there are so much more than just circles to non-spinners.
Slow things down and moves live "Chasing the Sun" actually looks like two flames chasing each other, "Giant" moves - Giant Butterfly, giant windmill etc - really look impressive, then all the horizontal plane things; corkscrews, overhead butterfly, bring another pattern into the display.
Stalls and wraps all mess about with the patterns created.
Maybe at first, when a beginner's learning, all they are doing is butterfly for a while, then a weave, then some turns, it can just seem like circles - but for me the key to a good performance is transitions, never staying in the same pattern for too long.

I agree that a few moves are really for the benefit of spinners and won't really impress non-spinners; 7 or 9 beat weaves for example. However if someone thinks all poi moves look the same, like circles, I'd suggest they'd seen quite a static performance.

A while back there was a really nice video posted - something along the lines of combining Tai Chi with poi. The performer was good, not amasing, but good - but what really made it a fascinating performance was the way they played with the timing, the speed, the size of circles, it all looked really nice.

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That's like saying all dancing looks the same because you're just moving your body. It's sort of true but a bit silly.

Obviously it all looks like people spinning fire on the end of a long chain.

Different dancers dance differently but they're still 'just' dancing.

And wraps look pretty darn different too...

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It sounds like a silly comment though frankly. I think you've got deeper friendship issues than the similarity of poi spinning.

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King Of Bongoaddict
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nah, with poi its all the same & looks the same...
now staff on the other hand...

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jus kiddin

but I'd just suggest you give the person who said that to you a big knowing smile and say as mysteriously/mischievously as you can:

"Well, of course it would to you..."

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sea gypsyBRONZE Member
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Location: Cornwall, United Kingdom

I get it.
It's not so simple as you're making out,
but then it is in a way.
I'll keep practicing, getting a bit fed up with hitting myself on the head at the moment, trying to keep the windmill going.

Have you ever read Laurie Lee's Two women? Or looked at the photography?

nah...this will turn it into a social discussion, and I'm in the technical bit right? I get confused... only new, and soaked in Chlorine right now.
Thank you again

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AnonymousPLATINUM Member

What 'things in general' look like to people varies greatly and saying something like;

"All Poi moves look the same"

is a perfectly valid *opinion* for that person.

You can argue that the body movements are quite different and that there is a variety of different things you can do, but you cant *prove* that all poi moves look different *to that person* cuz its a matter of opinion.

Id say that that person has other issues tho. Are they a juggler by any chance? I've met some jugglers that dont have much respect for Poi who have opinions like that.

If they dont like to watch you poi, tell them to go find something they do enjoy watching and leave your enjoyment of poi alone. Sounds like you are having to justify your interest in poi to this person, and I think that if this person says they care about you while degrading your poi experience then they are being a shit. why would they want to reduce your enjoyment of something healthy like poi?

I had a fiery friend once who started going out with a guy who wasnt into fire twirling. She was really good with a beautiful feminine style, but he told her she shouldnt do it cuz she wasnt good enough, so she felt bad and eventually stopped. Now she never twirls...such a waste - but the biggest pity is that it used to give her a lot of pleasure til her SO made her feel bad about it. He was controlling in many ways this was just one.


sea gypsyBRONZE Member
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Location: Cornwall, United Kingdom

it was my father

and I know I'm old enough to know better now...but...
it's a case of unrequited daddie's little girl!

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