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Posted:I was trying to view some of the Sage videos in the HOP video gallery, and I can view the Realplayer ones, but the .mpgs get opened by my system (Mac OS 9.2) in quicktime player and they dont play, just a blank screen. I tried the Realplayer, Windows Media, and none can play them (I tried to copy and paste the link in other players but still didnt work....)

Any Ideas?? I would love to be able to view these other vids! Thanks

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Posted:your missing the MPEG codecs in your media players or they arnt set.
have you set quick time as default player for that file type?, have a look in quick times options and also try its help file and type in MPEG. not to familular with Mac OS but MPEG is a standard file type and all players should be able to play them as standard.


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