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Posted:Just wondered if anyone in the uk knows of where i can buy flame retardant spray and the like.
I live just outside Sheffield, so if anyone in this area knows that would be really helpful, ta!.

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Posted:For that matter where are good sources of flame retardant spray in the US?




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Posted:Look up your local sound and light supplier/hire place in the Yellow pages. Anywhere that hires stage equipment should have flame retardant spray.

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Posted:Most of these sprays that I've looked into aren't really recommended for clothing or anyhting that has prolonged contat with skin.

There's always been a lot of controversey surrounding them too, many people, even those in pyrotechnics and firefighting don't feel that make an appreciable difference in the field, only in tightly controlled lab conditions.

I tend towards believing that side of the arguement too.

Otherwise, wouldn't they be widely available at K-Mart and used more extensively? I'm not actually being a devil's advocate here, but it never can hurt can it?

All in my opinion, of course...

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Posted:i'd ask rob but he aint home, you can reach him via we have loads in the office that we use on costumes and stuff and beltaine fire society use the same stuff too, no idea where they buy it from or how much, but it might be worth dropping a line to him.


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Posted:Remember reading a post about some fire retardant liquid that you could soak clothes in before performances that apparently worked pretty well. Try the search function?

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Posted:what you mean water?


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Posted:Here is information on where to purchase fire retardant sprays for natural and synthetic fabrics:

UK and Europe:
Try FireCheck spray, made in the UK
(see . tel (+44)1524-844099)
They ship to most countries. It is fire retardant, and works on many synthetic and natural fibers

Or, if you're in the USA, try FlameX fireretardant spray
(see , tel (+1) 815-634-8717)
-- call them and make sure to order the right spray, as they offer several kinds with different properties. Most of their fireretardant sprays work on many synthetic and natural fibers

Please note:

*Neither FireCheck nor FlameX makes fabrics fire proof. They are fire retardant sprays; they retard - but do not entirely prevent - fire.

*You must test the spray on the fiber(s) you are using. Different fibers give different results. If the fabric in question does not absorb liquid, there is little chance that the sprays will work.

*There is a possibility that the sprays will discolor the fabric(s) you are using. Again, try the sprays on a sample.

*Take 2 small samples of the fabric(s) in question. Burn one with a lighter. See what happens and how long it takes. Then, treat the other fabric with the spray, and do the same test, under the same conditions, with the same lighter. See if it works.

Spin safe, and be well.


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Posted:in australia bunnings carries a multi pourpose fire retardant spray, very ureful

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Posted:try these flame retardant fabric spray CA


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Posted:when i was living with my aunt and uncle and they saw the occassional burn my uncle suggested a product plumbers use on surrounding materials for when they're brazing to keep studs, drywall and insulation from burning up. never got around to trying it out so idk if it irritates the skin or poses any health hazards though from working with him for some money on the side i know it does a good job at keeping things cool. idk if it's anything worth looking into

would strongly suggest looking into finding an MSDS and doing a considerable ammount of research

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