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Posted:Hi all,

I'm a seasoned glowstick twirler (~4 years now) who for the last six months has been working on some ideas to start up a glowstick performance troupe.

I've been traveling around SE Asia this past year, and can tell you first-hand, the opportunities for setting one up here are slim.

I'm curious if anyone could offer suggestions or advice on any of the following:

* What kind of people / groups / organizations are hiring people or troupes of this nature?

* How much would be a "good" amount of money to have made from a performance?

* For those that have found paid work performing, how often did you find work? How did you go about finding work?

* What tips / warnings / stories would you give to someone like me who was thinking about setting up this project?

* What part(s) of the world do you think are the best bet for finding employment of this kind?

Any help you could offer would be MOST appreciated.

As I'm still in SE Asia, and internet here is shaky at best, so if you don't mind, please reply both here and to me direct:

Thanks in advance!



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Posted:moving you across to the Help Forum

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Got to know some twirlers around the area, so probably I can give you some contacts. In which part of SEA are u exactly?

Greetings from Singapore



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Posted:hey mate,
if you want twirling gigs, then you should know generally that:

- if you don't have an agreement on paper, it doesn't exist, and the promoters don't necessarily pay you
- be explicit about what toys you will twirl, for how long, how many times, where, and do you get to meet William Shatner at the end of it all..
- you should be well aware of of just how much space you need - then double it! better to be well spaced than sorry.
- glow gigs don't necessarily require fire-specific precautions (duh!) such as a towel gimp and fire performers' liability insurance, but you can still conceiveably come to grief if your glow/electroglow equipment draw blood. know your performance environment. There is a totally annoying tendency for some audience members to walk right across your act to avoid the crush of spectators - it's annoying as, but common i find.
- videos of past performances speak more than any leaflet will - promoters love to use this stuff when they are justifying your pay to their boss.
- Only a Chef can truly make you a seasoned twirler. yum.

i have such a gig in a few weeks and will forward photos if/when i can (heh earthdreamer pulled out of a gig and i'm filling her spot yay for default! )

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