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Posted:Is there any1 out there form the Shepparton, Benalla area in Victoria the is able to teach me a few moves??

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Posted:Hi Tanya, welcome to HOP. Dunno anyone in Shepparton or Benalla that does Poi. I met a guy in Albury once, and I've met a few poisters from Bendigo. Actually, I think there are a lot of spinners around Bendigo, but I'm not aware of any at HOP. Have you tried Boho?

Suggest trying to get to a Melb meet-up. They are pretty good. Check the Melbourne workshops thread in the Events, Performances & Gatherings section. Also confest, the spiritual home of fire in southern australia, will be on again near Denny, at Easter. Lots of poisters there

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Posted:hi pierced!
you could try teaching your friends new stuff, and when everyone in your group of friends twirl, you could have a big regular session where new ideas float about. then the quilts'll be matted.

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Posted:I had the same problem PiercedTan. I about 2 hours south of melbourne. I was stuck with learning from the lessons on this site. After a short while I sniffed out another poister and staffer. Now we have a regular spin on Friday nights on tha Beach @ Cape patterson.

Talk to people you know about the Poi..... you may be suprised....

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