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Posted:I was wondering what type of fuel is best to use, when spinning pois, to make a tail?
I have been using kerosine and it doesnt make a tail.

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Posted:you wont be able to make a tail with fire poi.
kero is the only fuel you should really be using for poi, so dont use any thing stupid like petrol!


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Posted:Maybe if you made a kevlar tail and attached it to your wicks then you would get that effect though I don't know how safe it is.

In the States a lot of people use white gas. It's not as sooty and makes a really nice flame.


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are you talking about the tail you see in pictures??? If so that is done by adjusting the cameras shutter speed..I have used kero lampoil white gas they all look pretty much the same .. I dont see tails or trails anywere
but in pictures..well since a stoped using drugs ::::::laughs::::::::

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Posted:Hey I wounde if there are any company that make fule where you can get it cheaper than in the stores. I know one company, but it seams tobethe onlyone in Sweden are there any more companies beside Kemetyl that make "safe fuel" in the northpart of europe?



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Posted:Just stick with Kero (Paraffin). And yes the tails which you'll see on pics are just a camera set to High Resolution, to capture more of the image.

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