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Posted:Ok I'm rushing to get to work so I gotta make this quick:

What kind of fuel would be good to use on Fire Poi and where is a good place to get it in the UK?


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Posted:I normally use parafin that I get in a harware store. A great big bottle for 7 euros or something.

If memory serves the fuel that is least bad for you is Kerosene (get it at a garage) though it's supposed to stink. I dunno, never tried it myself.

If you look just below the navigation at the top of the page you'll see "search" have a look in there and I promise you'll find more on fuel than you ever dreamed.

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Posted:most petrol stations (in England at least) sell 4 litre containers of "Premium Paraffin" for about 4 quid, either on the forecourt next to the flowers/charcoal or in smaller ones inside with oil and stuff. It's the cheapest readily available source I've found. The same stuff in pretty bottles with smell nice/toxic chemicals can be found for 4 quid a litre in candle shops.